The Ga West Municipal Directorate of the NCCE organized an educational tour for St. Joseph R/C School at the Accra West Regional Office of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to learn about the EPA's operations and how to manage plastic waste. This initiative aligns with Article 41(k) of the 1992 Constitution, which emphasizes the need to protect the environment.

Mrs. Sophia Vanderpuije, the Deputy Regional Director of EPA, presented to students the impact of plastic waste on the environment and human health, She explained how plastic waste is a significant contributor to pollution in our oceans and streams, and that it can harm the ecosystems. The students also learned about the health risks associated with plastic waste.

Mr Samuel Oteng, the Regional Director of EPA and the EPA staff provided a comprehensive overview of the strategies and technologies used to manage plastic waste.They also discovered the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling plastic waste to minimize its impact on the environment. The excursion was a valuable learning experience for the Civic Education Club

Mr. Castro Kofi Appiah, representing Mrs. Edith Awudor, the Municipal Director of the NCCE, highlighted that the visit to the EPA was part of the Commission's strategy to prioritize youth engagement in civic education. This initiative, led by the NCCE, aims to actively involve the youth in understanding their civic rights and responsibilities.


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