NCCE holds inter-party dialogue at East Gonja

Salaga (S/R), Nov. 02, GNA - The East Gonja Municipal Office of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) has held an inter-party dialogue committee meeting for political parties amongst other stakeholders in the area reignite dialogue amongst them to ensure peaceful coexistence for national cohesion.

The day’s meeting, held at Salaga, was also to reinforce the role of political parties as key stakeholders for ensuring peace and security in the country as well as to reignite dialogue on inter and intra political party grievances handling procedures.

It was further to deepen the existing collaboration between the NCCE, political parties, the youth, security agencies, district assemblies, traditional authorities, civil society, and community leaders as important stakeholders for ensuring peace and security in the country.

The dialogue was attended by representatives of political parties, civil society organisations, traditional authorities, security agencies, Electoral Commission, faith-based organisations, people living with disabilities, youth associations, and women groups.

It formed part of the Preventing Electoral Violence and Providing Security to the Northern Border Regions of Ghana project funded by the European Union to amongst others counter violent extremism in the country.

Mr Issaka Zitor, Savannah Regional Director of NCCE took participants through what violent extremism was and the need for citizens to follow the principles of the 1992 Constitution and desist from acts that could lead to or cause violence in their communities.

Mr Zitor underscored the importance of peace in the development of the country emphasising that, “Our communities need peace for development to take place.”

He encouraged participants to tolerate one another to promote harmony and peaceful coexistence in their communities.

He expressed the need for residents to observe the Public Order Act when embarking on public actions to ensure law and order in the area.

Mr. Patrick Agbenyo, an officer from the National Intelligence Bureau took participants through the topic: “National Security Strategy and the National Framework for Countering Violent Extremism and Terrorism in Ghana, Emphasis on Preventing Violent Extremism in Ghana”.

Mr. Agbenyo emphasised the need for community surveillance, awareness creation at worship centers, neighborhood watch, and community patrol amongst others to deal with crimes in the communities to ensure peace.

Participants identified lack of accountability, injustice, no rule of law, lack of trust on the parts of security agencies, the influence of political parties to retain power or to come to power, get rich quick attitude of youth amongst others as likely to cause violent extremism in communities.

They, therefore, called for fairness, equal access to opportunities, and equality before the law to promote peaceful coexistence in communities.

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