The Asankragwa Methodist School management in collaboration with the National Commission for Civic Education engaged the students on the need to embrace culture and tradition when Monday 28th August was set aside for the traditional wears.

The main idea was to erode the erroneous perception that the Ghanaian tradition is archaic and not beautiful. The school children took advantage of wearing different traditional attires and adorned themselves in traditional jewelry to complement their looks from all 16 Regions of Ghana.

Speaking at the event, the Municipal Director of the Wassa Amenfi West NCCE; Madam Gloria Addisu called on the students to live in unity as Ghanaians are one people with a common destiny. She encouraged them to embrace all the various tribes and not see any particular group as superior to the others as the 1992 Constitution of the Republic states.

Madam Gloria Addisu took the opportunity to educate the students on the names of the various traditional clothes and their meanings to the admiration of both students and the teaching staff. She stated that there are etiquettes associated with wearing Ghanaian traditional apparel which must be learned to avoid sending negative communication, creating unnecessary tension, and preventing traditional authorities from sanctioning anyone found culpable of not adhering to the required culture.


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