NCCE Abuakwa South Municipal Office Educates Students on Teenage Pregnancy and Sanitation

The NCCE Abuakwa South Municipal Office embarked on a mission to empower the youth by sensitizing students from Asiakwa Methodist, Presby, and R/C Junior High Schools. The focus was on Teenage Pregnancy, its causes, and effects. Miss Chiri, ACEO, urged the students to stay vigilant and embrace their civic rights. Joining the effort were Oforiwa Juliet Darko (ACEO), Angelina Sem (ACEO), and Idrisu Jamil (NSP).

In a separate initiative, the NCCE continued its commitment to community well-being by educating students on Good Sanitation Practices. These educational sessions aim to equip young minds with the knowledge and responsibility needed to foster healthier, more informed communities.


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