The Abuakwa North Municipal office of the National Commission for Civic Education, Eastern Region, as part of its mandate, had a talk show on the 14th of February 2024 with students of WBM Zion Senior High School – Old Tafo with the theme: “The Youth and Indecency”. The students were also taught how to administer First Aid. The purpose of the programme was to engage and sensitize the students on “Gross Indecency” which is an offence per the Criminal Code, 1960 (Act 26) section 278.

Similar activities were undertaken at Roses Junior High, Mid-Tafo Presby Junior High and Islamic JHS.

Ms. Beatrice Nyarkoah Budu started by saying that 14th February is the famous day to show love to those who are so dear to us. Unfortunately, she said “The day comes with its negative practices and controversies and this is mostly from the youth of our society as the day is mostly observed by the practice of sexual immoral activities, drug abuse, etc.” which mostly results in the high rate of teenage pregnancy, high rate of STIs example HIV /AIDS and the recording these immoral acts on their phones and posting them to trend on social media. “The above score has made it necessary for such an educational programme to be observed” she stated.

Ms. Abena Gyamerah, the Municipal Director of GES – Abuakwa North emphasized the pivotal role of the NCCE in shaping the Ghanaian child.

In conclusion, she reminded the students of the true essence of Valentine's Day, emphasizing that it transcends mere romantic engagements. Instead, she emphasized the importance of cultivating pure love for oneself and one's colleagues, promoting a culture of genuine care and compassion within the community.

Furthermore, Mr. Lloyd Adisa, Public Affairs, and Mr. Adisa expounded on the myriad health benefits associated with consuming cocoa products and gave an overview of COCOBOD. Drawing from scientific research and traditional knowledge, he elucidated how cocoa serves as a powerhouse of dietary antioxidants, a natural aid in lowering blood pressure, a guardian against premature aging, a defender against dental decay, and a promoter of enhanced blood circulation, among other remarkable attributes. In a resounding call to action, Mr. Adisa concluded his message with a spirited invitation, urging all listeners to embrace the simple yet profound mantra: "Eat chocolate, stay healthy, and help grow Ghana."

C. Insp. Barnabas Mend, the Municipal CID/Prosecutor, addressed the criminal implications of inappropriate internet usage and youth indecency. He emphasized that under the Cyber Security Act 2020, posting nude pictures, videos, or any obscene content online constitutes a criminal offense, punishable by imprisonment. He cautioned the youth to exercise caution and discretion in their online activities, especially during festive occasions when there is a heightened desire to express affection. He highlighted the importance of abstaining from various forms of misconduct prevalent in the municipality, including sexual abuse, defilement, rape, drug/narcotics abuse, and sexual extortion.

Echoing C. Insp. Mend's sentiments, DSP/Mr. Fred Kpetigo, the Municipal Crime Officer, reminded students that their primary purpose at school is to learn, and therefore, every influence should be positive to avoid trouble. He concluded by warning the students that anyone apprehended for misconduct would face appropriate penalties under the law. Also in agreement was AEMT Amponsah Seth Mawuli, also serving as the 2IC for the Abuakwa North office who concluded his demonstration by imparting vital knowledge on performing CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) for a patient in an emergency. Through his comprehensive guidance and hands-on demonstrations, he equipped the audience with the skills and confidence to respond effectively in critical situations, embodying the true essence of love through the act of saving lives. He advised the students to call 112, which is the emergency number of the Ghana Ambulance Services whenever they encounter an emergency.

The resource persons included Ms. Ophelia Ankrah, NCCE Eastern Regional Director, Mr. Augustine Bosrotsi, Deputy Regional Director of NCCE, Ms. Abena Gyamerah Municipal Director of Ghana Education Service – Abuakwa North, Ms. Bertina Laryea, Guidance & Counselling Coordinator, and Sampson Kwafo Akoto, PRO (GES). Mr. Lloyd Brobbey Adasi and Mr. Stephen Richard Bentil, both in Public Affairs from Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana.

There were also personnel from the Ghana Police Service, DSP/Mr. Fred Kpetigo (Crime Officer) and C. Insp. Barnabas Mends (Municipal CID/Prosecutor), along with media representatives from NoPrass 107.5 FM, were present to cover the event.


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