These women were the first females to occupy these major offices. They made their voices heard in different discourses as they showed their power and capability to lead as women across all corners; from politics, security, academia, innovation, media, sports, literature, and entertainment among others.

Their stories serve as inspiration to younger generation to look up to, and a proof to the world that women can perform in any capacity when given the opportunity irrespective of the field. On this International Women’s day, the NCCE calls on the government, political parties, security services, public and private institutions to appoint more women to occupy such positions in private and public spaces.

The NCCE also admonishes educationists, teachers, religious leaders, parents and guardians to encourage young girls and women to chase after their dreams and aspirations. No mountain is too high, no vision is unattainable. Women’s dreams must not be tainted but revealed.



#50/50 RepresentationInParliament



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