Be Law Abiding; H/W Mrs. Josephine Sarfo Advises Students in the Eastern Region

The Abuakwa North Municipal Office of the Commission under the guidance of Merlyn Aso Obempong, partnered with pupils from St. Roses JHS, Islamic JHS, and Presby JHS Mid Tafo, for an illuminating educational expedition. The focal point was the District Court Akyem Tafo, where the intention was to foster a deeper comprehension of law enforcement mechanisms among the budding minds of the students.

The primary objective of the educational venture was to introduce the students to the multifaceted duties and obligations of the court, with a spotlight on upholding law, peace, and order. This endeavour also aimed to illustrate the intricacies of court operations, spanning from apprehension protocols to the importance of community participation in maintaining public safety.

This visit served as a channel to familiarize the students with the field of law enforcement. The registrar, Dickson Ofori-Atta welcomed the students into the courtroom and educated them on the orders of the court. The registrar made known to the students that the court comprises the magistrate, registrar, cash, recorder, clerk/processing/interpreter, bailiff, and security. During this discourse, the students were acquainted with the duties and operations of the court at the various levels and how the court administers justice.

Furthermore, the students observed court proceedings on civil cases and criminal cases. She explained that some criminal cases involve individuals and states which involve offences committed against the state or society such as theft while others involve individuals.

Her magistrate H/W Mrs. Josephine Sarfo interacted with the students after the court proceedings by asking them what they observed during the proceedings and further explained to them the type of cases brought before her court. Her magistrate made the students understand that there are laws in the country therefore as young as they are, they should ensure not to find themselves wanting thinking that they are not eighteen years old (18). She said in Ghana if a child commits an offence he or she is brought before a court designed for children under the ages of eighteen years and that court is called the Juvenile Court of Justice which consists of a magistrate, social welfare care unit, the Ghana Education Service and any other two public institutions within the Municipality. She cautioned the pupils to be law abiding and obedient, which will help them, achieve their educational purpose as well as promote the good name of the Municipality and the country.

Merlyn Aso Obempong (Snr. Civic Education Officer) welcoming students into the Courtroom

The registrar Mr. Ofori-Atta Dickson educating the students on the order of the Court

Teachers from the three Junior High Schools present during the court hearings

Students from St. Roses Junior High School – New Tafo

Students from Islamic Junior High School – New Tafo

Students from Mid-Tafo Presbyterian Junior High School

Godwin Vagwet Kwawukume (Civic Education Officer) interacting with the registrar and the CID before the court proceedings began

Court in session

A section of students observing the proceedings


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