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The National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) has intensified its campaign to alert the public on the threat of terrorism in the frontiers of the Upper West Region.

It follows the scourge of terrorist activities in the Sahara which, according to analysts, puts the five northern regions including the Oti and Bono Regions at risk.

The situation has been compounded by the influx of refugees in the northern frontiers after being chased out by terrorists.


In line with that, the NCCE has embarked on an educational campaign to alert the public to be vigilant and observant of potential troublemakers in society.

This has become necessary since terrorists do not come bearing arms but rather as ordinary people who live among the people and study their movements before striking.

This came to light at a joint forum held at the Wa Nusrat Jahan Ahmadiyya College of Education and Nursing Training College last Thursday.

It was organised by the NCCE in collaboration with the European Union (EU).

The Upper West Regional Crime Officer, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Reynolds Manteaw, highlighted the security risks the public was exposed to.

Some of the risks, he said, included poisoning the water bodies, blowing dams to cause floods, releasing poisonous gases into the air, and inducing violence in society.

He noted that such sensitisation programmes were meant to educate the public on the need to be alert to any action which could cause terror in society.

He noted that the police cannot see everything that took place at all times so the public needed to divulge information to them.

Mr Manteaw was of the view that Ghanaians being very gullible were ready to accept anybody without proper scrutiny.

Be observant

The Acting NCCE Secretary, Lucille Hewlett Annan, advised the public to keep their security in their hands by being very observant always.

“We must all memorise our house numbers, names of the streets we live on, and exact locations of our houses so that when we have to call for assistance, we will not be found wanting,” she observed.

Madam Hewlett Annan called on the public to see the security agencies as their friends and provide them with any information accurately since they have been trained to protect us.

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