Amansie West NCCE exposes pupils to court processes

The Amansie West District Directorate of the NCCE has embarked on an initiative to bridge the gap between pupils at the basic level of education and the various arms of governance.

Consequently, the Directorate has taken pupils of selected schools in the district on an education tour at the District Magistrate Court.

The rationale was to expose the children to the processes of the Courts to better understand how the judicial arm of government functions.

So far, pupils from four schools who are members of Civic Education Clubs (CEC) have visited the court to learn about their processes as part of a learning process to build their capacity to uphold their civic responsibilities.

Club members from the Roman Catholic Junior High School, Methodist Junior High School, District Assembly Junior High School, and Model Junior High School, all at Manso Nkwanta, have taken their turns to visit the Court.

Mr. Enoch Paditey, the Deputy Registrar, briefing the students ahead of the main sitting explained the roles of the various Court officials including the clerks, accountant, secretary, and the Magistrate.

He took them through the various Court systems from the lower to superior Courts and how cases could travel to the Supreme Court when litigants were not satisfied with decisions at the various levels.

He advised them to take their studies seriously, saying that some of them could work in the Judiciary one day.

Mr. Aziz Laryea, the District Director of NCCE who led the clubs to the Court, said the exercise was one of many activities being undertaken by the Commission as part of a broad strategy to make the youth its core target group for civic education.

He said the Commission mostly did that through CECs in schools and youth groups in the communities.

Source: GNA


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