The All-Region Queen Mothers Association, led by the President, Nana Otubea II (Queen Mother of Nkonya Traditional Area), has called on the Chairman of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), Ms. Kathleen Addy. The purpose of their visit was to partner with the Commission to educate, advocate, and articulate the plight of women and children in the country, and to help address gender biases in the chieftaincy institution.

Nana Otubea I, giving a brief background on issues faced by Queen Mothers in Ghana, stated that, to further advance the course of development at the grassroots, it is imperative that Queen Mothers are not relegated to the background whenever decisions have to be made. She remarked that Queen Mothers should not be limited to wearing regalia to grace occasions but take their rightful positions, as done in the past, to serve as reference points for dispute settlement in the communities and role models for the youth, especially girls.

Ms. Kathleen Addy briefed the Queen Mothers on the core values, flagship programmes, mandate, thematic areas, and structure of the Commission. She emphasized that no one is born a good citizen; they need to be taught and understand that every Ghanaian has a role to play in nation-building. Ms. Addy cited the ongoing EU-supported project on violent extremism as an example of the relevance of partnerships to nation-building.

The Deputy Chairman of Operations, Mr. Asare Akuamoah, contributing to the discussion, proposed that a study on the level of discrimination against Queen Mothers in public life be carried out in collaboration with the Gender, Research, and Equality Department for publication to provide the empirical basis for public discourse. He also mentioned the dire issue of environmental governance: the exploitation of minerals and poor sanitation across the land, and lastly, the mobilization of the youth to stand against indoctrination by some politicians and extremist groups.

The Deputy Chairman of Finance and Administration, Mr. Victor Brobbey (Esq.), assured the team that advocacy for the inclusion of Queen Mothers at the National House of Chiefs will be solidly supported.

Hajaratu Limann I, Nana Akyam Bukawa I, Nana Adwoa Oduraa I, Nana Ankoa II, and Naa Adoley Ablade all attested to the importance of empowering other traditional leaders and in-school children using entertainment as a strategy for engagement.

Concluding, “I am a big believer in working together," Ms. Addy opined. Nana Otubea II expressed gratitude and was excited about future collaborations with the Commission. Queen Mothers present include Nana Otubea II (Nkonya Traditional Area); Hajaratu Limann I (Gwollu Traditional Area); Nana Akyam Bukawa I (Akwamuhemaa); Nana Adwoa Oduraa II (Akwamu Adontehemaa); Nana Ankoa II (Adukromhemaa of Gomuabra); Naa Adoley Ablade I (Regional Organiser and Advisor (All Region Queen Mothers Association); Kapio Maria I (Damu Paramount Traditional Area); Nana Abena Asomkyere (Suhum Traditional Area); and Inaka Ekpe III (Akposokubi Traditional Area, Oti). Departmental heads were also present.

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