Akim Swedru store and shop vendors received nose masks during covid-19 vaccines

The Birim South District Office of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) has distributed nose masks to the Swedru Stores and Shops vendors during its Covid-19 Vaccination public education engagement. The engagement targeted vendors, beauty salons, tailoring, and fashion shops in the Akim Swedru community. Mr. Yaw Somuah (Officer-In-Charge, Birim South District) called on participants to rather appreciate the efforts of the Government, NCCE, Ghana Health Service (GHS), and Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) to ensure a Safe and Effective vaccination process. He urged them to play their part by availing themselves for the vaccination process. The office capitalized on the exercise to distribute facemasks it had received from the Birim South District Assembly to help fight the pandemic.

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