Adansi South directorate of the NCCE embarks on its annual citizenship week activities under the theme ‘’Sustaining Our Democracy, The Ghanaian Values in Practice; The Role of the Child”

The Adansi South directorate of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) embarked on its annual citizenship week activities in the district earlier (17th May, 2022) than the expected time of 26th May, 2022 mainly to be able to cover the entire quota given within the length of the activities.

This flagship programme is normally done in basic schools. The directorate is expected to engage thirty (30) schools within its jurisdictional area. So far twenty-four (24) schools has been visited.

The brain behind this important programme is to implant in the pupils the Ghanaian values and norms to become good future leaders for their communities and the nation at large.

The kids were also highlighted on the success the nation has chalked so far in terms of our democracy from the days of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah till the current dispensation-the coup d’état the nation had experienced, its negative implication on the lives of the people and the need to defend and uphold this Constitution (1992 4th Republican Constitution) against any form of abuse and violations.

Again, the pupils were reminded that the current Constitution is thirty(30) years as such, as a nation we should rejoice and continue to protect it for perpetuity.

Their role as citizens were hammered on, the resource persons made it clear to them that, rights and responsibilities are inseparable so therefore they must equally perform their duties the same way they enjoy their rights in order to be counted as good citizens.

Then the students were asked to mention some of the duties of citizens-they did it creditably as almost all they mentioned are enshrined in the Constitution under, Article 41 under the Directive Principles of State Policy of chapter six.

Finally, they were urged to perform their duties at all times throughout their lives as that indicates how patriotic they are about their nation, Ghana.

Schools visited so far include Tonkoase No 1 And 2, Atobiase R/JHS, Atobiase D/A JHS, Apagya D/A JHS, Apagya R/C, Praso D/A JHS, Subriso Basic School, Akutreso School, And Tweapease. The Rest Are New Edubiase D/A ‘A’ And ‘B’, New Edubiase R/C, Future Assurance, Cann Preparatory, Methodist, Experimental, And Hidayyatu basic schools among Others.

The team were led by the district director, Charles Gyimah, and Atta Poku Assistant Civic Education Officer of the Directorate.

The theme for this year’s celebration is dubbed ‘’Sustaining Our Democracy, The Ghanaian Values in Practice; The Role of the Child.



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