The Lambussie District of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), in keeping with the public education on child protection issues mandated by the 1992 Constitution of Ghana, has touched the life of Wiisewie Zorsuwor.

In 2018, the Lambussie District Director, Mr. Paul Kwame Ganvu found physically challenged Wiisewie Zorsuwor in a community called Busigya. As at 11 years old, little Wiisewie is paralyzed from her waist down and in one of her hands. She moves by sliding on her stomach on the ground and she was denied education because of her condition. Mr. Ganvu spoke to her family and recommended they enroll her in school. The family explained how difficult it is to transport her to school and cater for the things she would need while in school.

The District Director reached out to Dr. Augustina Naami, a Lecturer at the University of Ghana, Legon about the plight of the child who moved by what she saw sent down a wheel chair. The Lambussie District office also contacted the Department of Social Welfare and Community Development and the Lambussie District Assembly on behalf of Wiisewie’s family and received an amount of One Thousand Ghana Cedis (GH₵1,000.00).

Wiisewie Zorsuwor was successfully enrolled in a private school called Wisdom Gate International School. Some of the money received from the District Assembly was used to buy her school books, bag, and uniforms and part was given to her mother for her upkeep.

Unfortunately, Wiisewie’s only living parent, her mother passed away in October 2019 from liver cancer, and the private school she was attending closed down in January 2020. However, the NCCE Lambussie District office contacted her family and the Department of Social Welfare and Community Development, and on 17th January 2020, Wiisewie was enrolled at the Lambussie D/A Primary School.

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