NCCE Sekyere Central Addresses Core Values and Environmental Governance on GBC Radio

The NCCE in Sekyere Central recently engaged the public on vital topics at GBC Radio, emphasizing Ghanaian Core Values and Environmental Governance.

In a bid to reinforce cultural identity, the NCCE discussed Ghanaian Core Values, focusing on principles that underpin the nation's cultural fabric. The session aimed to foster a stronger sense of civic responsibility and unity among citizens.

Environmental Governance, particularly addressing the issue of bushfires, was also a key focus. The NCCE raised awareness about responsible environmental practices, urging citizens to play an active role in fire prevention and the protection of natural resources.

The radio platform allowed for an inclusive dialogue, enabling citizens to participate and share insights. [Official's Name], [Title] at NCCE Sekyere Central, highlighted the importance of these discussions, stating, "We aim to empower the community to actively contribute to the development and sustainability of Sekyere Central."

This initiative signifies NCCE's commitment to civic education and building an informed, responsible, and united community.


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