The National Commission for Civic Education, NCCE continues to execute its constitutional mandate of creating and sustaining within society the awareness of the principles and objectives of the 1992 Constitution of the Republic of Ghana. This is realized through programmes and activities planned by the NCCE annually. The Commission releases activities on a quarterly basis for each year to engage Ghanaians on good citizenship and civic responsibilities.

For the third quarter of 2019, the NCCE has outlined the following activities. These programmes serve as a guide for all the Commission’s district, municipal and regional offices across the country. The following are activities outlined by the Commission for the third quarter of 2019:

JULY, 2019

  • Sensitisation on Limited Voter Registration Exercise
  • Educate the public on Police and Civilian Relationship

Article 41(i) 1992 Constitution

SDG 16.a (Partnership for crime prevention)

  • Organize regular public education and awareness programmes on the evils of corruption and the ethos of anti-corruption in MDAs, the general public, and private sector organizations
  • Civic Education Clubs activities nationwide
  • Follow-ups on Social Auditing engagements

Chapter 20, 1992 Constitution (Decentralization &

Local Government)

SDG16, 7: Inclusive & Participatory Decision- Making

Sensitise the public on Good Sanitation

Article 41 (g & k) – 1992 constitution

SDG 6 – Clean water & sanitation

AUGUST, 2019

  • Create awareness on the Referendum on Election of MMDCEs and the DLEs
  • Carry out public sensitisation on Anti- Corruption and Whistleblowers’ Act, in the regions & districts

Articles 35(8), 41(f)-1992 Constitution

NACAP – Strategic Objective 1

SDG 16.5 (Reduce corruption & bribery)

Organisation of the 3rd National Dialogue on ARAP with focus on Environmental Governance (Head Office)


Educate the public on Environmental Protection, (Sanitation, Water pollution, Illegal Mining, Sand Winning, Misapplication of Agro Chemicals, Illegal Felling of Trees)

Articles 41 (g&k) – 1992 Constitution

SDG 6 – Clean water and Sanitation

SDG 15- Ensure Conservation, Restoring & Sustainable use of Natural Resources

Organise Educational campaign to promote Gender Equality& Equality.

Articles 12(2), 35(5)-1992 Constitution

SDG 5- Achieve Gender Equality

SDG 10- Reduce Inequality

Carry out education on Tax Compliance

SDG 8: Decent work and Economic Growth

SDG 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Sensitise Communities and Identifiable Groups on Child Protection (child marriage, child delinquency, child neglect and child abuse)

Article 28 – 1992 Constitution

SDGs 5.2, 5.3, 16.2 (Elimination violence and harmful

Organise Inter-University Civic Challenge (Head Office) – Super-Zonal

All the above mentioned activities will be undertaken in all the ten (10) regional offices and 254 District, Municipal, metropolitan and four (4) sub-Metro offices of the Commission and would be facilitated by NCCE Staff across the country.

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