NCCE holds Stakeholder consultative meeting with Ghana Police Service ahead of Election 2024

The Upper East Regional Directorate of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) has held a one-day Stakeholder consultative meeting with the leadership of the Regional Command of the Ghana Police Service.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss potential areas and methods of collaboration to ensure peace before, during, and after the 2024 General Election.

Held at the Security Resilience and Peace Building Training and Educational Centre in Nangodi, Nabdam District, on 2nd April 2024, the meeting also provided the opportunity to address other security concerns within the region.

The Regional Director of NCCE, Mr. Mawuli Agbenu, stated that the Upper East Region faces unique security challenges. These include the Bawku Conflict, conflicts between Fulbe herdsmen and host communities, and the arrival of displaced persons due to the extremist and terrorist activities in Burkina Faso and Togo.

Additionally, the region is considered a security risk zone due to its proximity to Burkina Faso, which is experiencing violent extremism and terrorism.

Mr. Agbenu also recognized the significance of this year’s General Election, as it features a Muslim flag bearer leading the NPP and a Christian former President leading the NDC. He emphasized that the NCCE does not condone religious bigotry, but instead promotes religious inclusivity.

Mr. Agbenu mentioned that the Commission will step up efforts to educate the public on religious and political tolerance. In this regard, he invited the police to collaborate with the NCCE as part of their Police Visibility outreach to eliminate ignorance and intolerance and foster peaceful coexistence in the Upper East Region.

He stressed that despite having had eight successful elections, the country cannot be complacent because the future is unpredictable.

The Regional Director therefore urged the police to work with the Commission in its quest to ensure peace before, during and after the general election.

Mr. Agbenu informed the police leadership that the commission was in the process of reactivating and reconstituting its Inter-Party Dialogue Committees across the Region, and would involve the police service.

The Regional Commander of Police for Upper Region, ACOP Raymond Wejong Ali Adofiem, on his part, said his outfit is fully prepared to collaborate with the NCCE to carry out public education to ensure free, fair, transparent and peaceful elections in the Region.

He underscored the importance of continued sensitization of the people to ensure that ignorance, which the extremists exploit to radicalize and recruit them, is eradicated.

Some other senior police officers at the meeting raised concerns over the high rate of noncompliance with autopsies, even for people who died of unnatural causes, and death certificates for bereaved family members in the region.

The police officers said, the acquisition of a death certificate becomes necessary only when it is required for claims and benefits or the processing of letters of administration.

There were 23 senior police officers including 3 women made up of the Regional Commander and his Deputy, Divisional and District/Municipal Commanders, Regional PRO, Regional and Divisional crime officers and others. From the NCCE side, the meeting was attended by the Regional Director, the Head Of Programmes, the Internal Auditor and a National Service Personnel.

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