The Cape Coast Metro Directorate of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), in collaboration with the Electoral Commission (EC), Cape Coast has organized a special voting for Civic Education Club (CEC) executives through the ballot box at Police Basic School, Cape Coast.

The dignitaries present were as follows:

1. Mr, Robert Ewur, Regional Director NCCE

2. Mr Stephens, Deputy Director, EC

3. Madam Beatrice , GES

4. Inspector Banisi, Ghana Police

5. Rita Ama Agah, Head Mistress Police Basic School

Candidates were given the chance to read their manifestos for questioning from the electorates.

The NCCE Metro Director, Joseph Abban in his opening remarks stated that civic education is a shared responsibility that involves citizens of all ages. He noted that the special election was organized for the students to create a vibrant society for mother Ghana. In his view, children can serve as channels of civic education towards the 2024 December General Elections. He said the objective of this exercise was to sensitize young Ghanaians on how the voting process is done to elect the President and Members of parliament.

Answering questions on the need for security present during elections, he mentioned that the security personnel signifies the need for security during elections to prevent electoral malpractices and related violence

The Metro director added that the purpose of the elections was to witness the electoral process of voting, Declaration, and Oath of office.


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