A training workshop has been organised for management and spending officers at NCCE, on the 2016 Public Financial Management (PFM) Act (Act 921). The training has become mandatory because spending officers within the Commission must be tutored on the dictates of the Public Financial Management Act to avoid misappropriation of state funds.

The Chairman of NCCE, Ms. Josephine Nkrumah addressing participants at the ongoing training, admonished staff to be mindful of their spending roles and responsibilities as stipulated in sections of the PFM Act. Ms. Nkrumah emphasised that public funds must be accounted for irrespective of how paltry the amount may be. She boldly stated that civic educators must subject themselves to the teachings of the Public Financial Management Act to avoid legalities associated with the Act.

She added that the workshop is a trainer of trainees and charged participants to pay attention to all presentations in order to share knowledge gained with other staff of the Commission. The training seeks to build the capacity of staff to undertake a nationwide sensitisation on the PFM Act 921. About 90 selected staff across the country are taking part in a workshop. Resource persons are financial directors and budget officers from the Ministry of Finance. The officers will mainly centre their presentations on all the sections enshrined in the PFM Act, its corresponding provisions and penalties that may arise if any public officer or spending officer acts in contravention of the PFM Act.

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