District Level Elections are equally important-Adansi Asokwa NCCE to eligible voters

The Adansi Asokwa directorate of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), led by Jacqueline Mahu (DD) has reiterated how important District level elections are to the populace within the communities of the Adansi Asokwa District.

Educating the populace, it turned out that most eligible voters didn't see the importance of exercising their franchise in the upcoming elections slated for Tuesday, December 19, 2023.

Some indicated that the assembly members were of no use to them and as such, didn't see the need to participate in the elections.

Others also said they are not encouraged to vote since the elections are not done on a partisan level.

However, in educating them, the Adansi Asokwa team took turns to touch on the importance of the District level elections and encouraged the eligible voters to move out in their numbers to exercise their franchise on the said day.

" The District Level Elections are very important. You get to vote for people who will represent you at the local level.

These people are with you in your various communities and therefore get the opportunity to lobby for your needs since they are part of you.

They serve as a mediator between you and the Assembly so that our various communities will be better for us all" Jacqueline Mahu (DD) indicated.

The populace was also taken through the voting procedures and urged to obey all rules at the polling station.

Some communities visited were Tewobaabi, Asokwa, Adiembra, Hwiremoase, Nyankomasu, and others.

Some FBOs that were visited were the church of Pentecost, Adiembra, and the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

Weighing mothers, food vendors, hairdressers, and some other groups also benefited from this education.


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