Abetifi NCCE urges students to uphold Ghanaian Values

The 5th inaugural ceremony of the Kwahu East Assembly unfolded at the Kwahu East Assembly Hall. The event, a testament to Ghana's democracy and decentralized governance system, drew attention not only from local dignitaries but also from eager young minds eager to understand the workings of their nation.

In a unique initiative to foster civic education and engagement, the Abetifi NCCE office extended invitations to members of the Civic Education Club at St. Peter’s Boys Senior High School, Nkwatia. These students were urged to observe and understand the essence of the ceremony, gaining insights into the democratic processes shaping their community.

During the proceedings, the students were counselled by the Abetifi NCCE District Director Ms. Roberta E. Koah to uphold Ghanaian values such as honesty, respect, and brotherliness. These virtues, she emphasized, are the bedrock of active citizenship and integral to the effective functioning of a democratic society.

As the Honourable members deliberated and took their oaths, the young spectators witnessed firsthand the solemn responsibilities entrusted to elected officials. Their presence underscored the NCCE’s commitment to nurturing a new generation of engaged and responsible citizens.

In the backdrop of Ghana's rich history of democracy, the 5th inaugural ceremony of the Kwahu East Assembly served as a beacon of hope and inspiration for the nation's youth, instilling in them the values and principles essential for the advancement of society.


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