The Central Regional Directorate of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) as part of this year’s Constitution Week celebration engaged the Officers of the Central Regional Command of the Ghana Prisons Service at the Ankaful Maximum Security, Cape Coast. The event was held at the Forecourt of Ankaful Maximum Prisons. The theme for this year’s celebration is, “Thirty Years of Consolidating Constitutional Democracy: Building National Cohesion through Civic Education and Participation in Local Governance”.

Ms. Mercy Essien, the Deputy Regional Director of NCCE who gave the keynote address indicated that the Annual Constitution Week celebration is a flagship programme of the Commission instituted in 2001 and marked from the 28th of April to the 4th of May each year to commemorate the country’s return to democratic rule. She added that the week is set aside to remind Ghanaians of the existence and operation of the 1992 Constitution as well as the duty of citizens to uphold and defend the Constitution against all forms of abuse and violation. That apart, Ms. Essien took the audience through the successes of the 4th Republican constitutional rule, particularly thirty years of uninterrupted constitutional rule. Additionally, the Deputy Director emphasized the contribution of the NCCE such as civic education campaigns and the creation of civic engagement as part of strategies to sustain peace, unity and harmony before, during and after elections.

Ms. Essien, in addressing the challenges of the 4th Republican democracy, indicated the perception of corruption as a major socio-economic problem. She also reiterated the possibility of extremist attacks from traditional sources, which includes chieftaincy and ethnic conflicts, land disputes, vigilantism, cybersecurity issues and growing mistrust between the citizens and the Security Services as major concerns. She then charged the Security Services to revive and build trust with communities as part of measures to ensure the re-engineering of a positive security-civilian relationship, peaceful co-existence, and national cohesion.

She concluded by urging the audience to participate in all aspects of the District Level Elections (DLEs) this year to boost voter turnout, which has consistently been low in past DLEs. Marginalized groups such as women, the youth, and Persons with Disability (PWDs) were also encouraged to participate.

In attendance was the Deputy Director of Prisons (DDP) Robin K. Asamoah Fenning, the Central Regional Commander of the Ghana Prisons Service and one hundred and sixty –seven (167) Officers.

The Central Regional Commander of Ghana Prisons Service; DDP Fenning in his closing remarks implored Officers to continue to embrace democracy and commit to its sustenance. He finally assured the Commission of the commitment of the Ghana Prisons Service to defending the democratic credentials of the country in their areas of duty.

Ms. Mercy Essien (Deputy Regional Director, NCCE) and DDP Robin K. Asamoah Fenning (Middle) – Central Regional Commander of Ghana Prisons Service seated at the high table during the engagement

DDP Robin K. Asamoah Fenning – Central Regional Commander of the Ghana Prisons Service giving his opening remarks during the engagement

Ms Mercy Essien delivering the keynote address during the engagements with Officers of the Ghana Prisons Service

Michael Bart-Addison (Head of Programmes) moderating the engagement with the Prisons Service

Ms. Mercy Essien delivering the keynote address during the engagements with the Officers of Ghana Prisons Service

An Officer asking a question after the keynote address by the NCCE Deputy Regional Director

A sectional view of the audience during the engagement

A group picture of staff of the Central Regional Office of NCCE with Senior Officers of the Ghana Prisons Service after the Constitution Week engagement


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