The National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) and the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has begun a collaborative venture to roll out an intensive national voluntary tax campaign. The campaign dubbed ‘OUR TAXES OUR FUTURE’ will see the two institutions engaging active Ghanaians in all the 216 districts across the country on the importance of paying taxes. Officials from the NCCE and GRA will educate professional bodies, shop owners, business owners, landlords, traders, and many other working Ghanaians to voluntarily honour their tax obligations to the Ghana Revenue Authority, the mandated institution to collect taxes.

It is important to note that, Article 41(j) states, ‘ it shall be the duty of every citizen to declare his income honestly to the appropriate and lawful agencies and to satisfy all tax obligations’. This is an indication that tax payment is a civic duty and the Constitution backs this civic responsibility.

The national voluntary tax campaign will see the staff of NCCE across the country organizing community outreaches, engaging faith-based organisations (churches, mosques, etc.), vising lorry stations and market places, dawn to dusk broadcast, door to door engagement among others.

The NCCE believes that the collaboration between the two institutions would go a long way to help the revenue authority increase its revenue mobilization and also stir up civic consciousness among Ghanaians to honestly declare their taxable incomes.

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