NCCE Promotes Political and Religious Tolerance at Bea's Prayer Ministry in Akwatia

The Denkyembour District Office of NCCE, Eastern region, visited congregants of Bea's Prayer Ministry, Akwatia to sensitize the congregation on the topic, " Political and Religious Tolerance & Good Sanitation Practices".

Arthur Ebenezer (PFO) encouraged the congregants that as this year is an election year, one should always exhibit tolerance since it makes citizens feel accepted and have a sense of belonging. He reiterated that electing a president or a parliamentarian is done through the ballots thus by using our thumb and not weapons, hence all the congregants should be cautious and stay away from acts that will cause chaos and mar the peace in the nation. Mr. Arthur also encouraged the congregants to practice good sanitation, since "cleanliness is next to godliness".


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