In a bid to foster civic education and instill a deeper understanding of the mechanisms of local governance, the Jaman South Municipal office of the NCCE organized an insightful educational visit for 89 pupils of St. Theresa’s JHS and Akosua Febiri JHS to the Jaman South Municipal Assembly on Friday, February 16, 2024.

The visit aimed to familiarize the pupils with the functions and operations of the assembly institution.

The pupils were accompanied by their patrons and other masters including staff of the Directorate.

The Municipal Director of NCCE, Mr. Emmanuel Oduro briefed the pupils about the importance of the educational trip urged them to comport themselves properly, and asked any question they wanted to know about the assembly.

Speaking about the visit, the Deputy Director at the Jaman South Municipal Assembly, Mr. Adam Kwame James expressed his delight at the opportunity to engage and educate the younger generation on the significance of local governance. He emphasized the importance of cultivating a sense of civic responsibility and active participation in the democratic process from a young age.

Mr. Kwame James provided a comprehensive overview of the roles and responsibilities of the municipal Assembly in the community.

The pupils were later given a guided tour of the Assembly premises, including the various departments, and offices where they had the opportunity to observe firsthand the real-world workings of local governance. They were also provided with insightful explanations and demonstrations of how the assembly functions in areas such as urban planning, infrastructure development, and community development projects.

Overall, the educational visit to the Municipal Assembly provided an enriching and empowering experience for the pupils, providing them with valuable insights into the vital role of local government in shaping their communities. The initiative was a step forward in building a brighter and more participatory future for our society.


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