NCCE and EU collaborate on a Terrorism Project

The Commission Secretary of the National Commission for Civic Education, Kojo Tito Voegborlo has toured five (5) district offices of the Commission as part of official monitoring and data collection activities to inform a Baseline study on the Preventing and Containing Violent Extremism (PCVE) by the NCCE with support from the European Union. The Research, Gender and Equality Department of the NCCE is facilitating the study. The findings will guide and direct NCCE’s public education strategies and outreaches to enable the Commission to engage citizens our the country’s quest to prevent and contain violent extremism in Ghana.

Mr. Voegborlo visited Pru East in the Bono East Region, East Gonja in the Savannah Region, Karaga, Gushegu, Bunkpurugu-Nankpaduri and Yunyo-Nasuan all in the Northern Region.

Mr. Voegborlor’s first visit took him to Yeji in the Pru East District. He was welcomed by the District Director and Principal Civic Education Officer (PCEO), Emmanuel Nimoh. The Commission Secretary commended the five-member staff for the good work they were doing in the district and urged them to be punctual and undertake their fieldwork seriously. Other officers present were Ms. Grace Lamisi Duut (PCEO); Mr. Emmanuel Kwadwo Nkrumah, Assistant Civic Education Officer (ACEO); Ms. Noami Pessah, Civic Field Officer (CFO), and Ms. Bardoe Obed Boaresah, CFO.

From the Pru East District, Mr. Voegborlo’s visited Salaga in the East Gonja district of the Savannah Region. He urged staff in the district to imbibe the value of punctuality, live in harmony and respect each other. The officer-in-charge of the district, Mr. Iddrisu Abdul-Latif (PCEO), made a passionate appeal to the Commission to renovate the Municipal office. According to him, it will make staff feel comfortable at post. Other officers present at the meeting were: Mr. Ibrahim Alidu, ACEO; Ms. Falilatu Mohammed, ACEO; Mr. Mumuni Muzamilo, CFO; Mr. Salifu Mohammed Awal, PFO, and Ms. Zuleya Dauda, PFO.

The District Director of the Karaga District also in the Northern Region, Mr. Mahama Osman and his staff hosted the Commission Secretary, Mr. Kojo Tito Voegborlo. The Municipal Director took the Commission Secretary through the work so far undertaken by the District Office since the beginning of the year and the support received from the Municipal Assembly. Mr. Voegborlo commended the officers for working hard to raise the corporate image of the NCCE in the district. He charged them to remember that the name of the NCCE in Karaga depended largely on the image they portray during the execution of their civic education activities. Officers present at the engagement were Mr. Adam K. Malik, ACEO; Mr. Abu Safianu Fuseini, ACEO, and Mr. Saeed Abdallah Nabila, Senior Field Officer (SFO).

The Commission Secretary’s also visited the Gushegu Municipal office in the Northern Region. He was welcomed by Mr. Bawa Imoro, CEO and the officer-in-charge. Mr. Bawa Imoro briefed the Commission Secretary on the work of the Municipal office and the challenges they face as civic educators. The Commission Secretary commended the staff for the good work. After the meeting, the Commission Secretary went around with Mr. Bawa Imoro to observe and administer questionnaires in the Yaglanfonga and Nayilifong areas of Gushegu and also engage some respondents. Other officers present were Ms. Salamatu Alhassan, ACEO; Mr. Abubakari Salawudeen, ACEO; Mr. Abdul Aziz Adogo, CFO; Mr. Abdulai Sulemana, CFO and Mr. Mohammed Iddrisu, a National Service Person (NSP).

The Bunkpurugu-Nankpaduri and Yunyo-Nasuan district offices of the NCCE also welcomed the Commission Secretary during his monitoring assignments in the districts. Mr. Tito Voegborlor participated in the distribution of questionnaires with Mr. Emmanuel Kombat and Matthew Louknaan, Research Assistants at the Yunyoo-Nasuan and Bunkpurugu-Nankanduri district offices. He interacted with some respondents on the Jembila Road at Central Bankpurugu. Commission Secretary Kojo Tito Voegborlor commended the staff for excellently administering the questionnaires. He appreciated their skills in interviewing respondents and their understanding of the entire project. The officers in turn thanked the Commission Secretary for the visit.

The Commission Secretary (CS) with the staff of the Pru East Office of the NCCE:

From the left: Mr. Emmanuel Kwadwo Nkrumah, Ms. Noami Pessah, Mr. Emmanuel Nimoh, Mr. Kojo Tito Voegborlo (Commission Secretary), Ms. Grace Lamisi Duut and Ms. Bardoe Obed Boaresah.

The Commission Secretary with the staff of the East Gonja Municipal Office of the NCCE:

From the left: Mr. Salifu Mohammed Awal, Ms. Dauda Zuleya, Iddrisu Abdul-Latif, Mr. Kojo Tito Voegborlo (Commission Secretary), Ms. Falilatu Mohammed (with white veil), Ms. Alidu Ibrahim and Mr. Mumuni Muzamilo.

The Commission Secretary, Kojo Tito Voegborlo, on Board the Ndewura Jakpa Ferry crossing the Lake at Yeji to Makongo.

The Commission Secretary with staff of the Gushegu Municipal Office of the NCCE:

From left: Messrs Bawa Imoro, Abdul Aziz Adogo, Kojo Tito Voegborlo (CS), Alhassan Salamatu, Abubakari Salawudeen, Mohammed Iddrisu (NSP) and Abdulai Sulemana.

The Commission Secretary with the staff of the Karaga District Office of the NCCE:

From left: Mr. Abu Safianu Fuseini, Mr. Mahama Osman, Mr. Kojo Tiito Voegborlo (CS), Ms. Saeed Abdallah Nabila and Mr. Adam K Malik.

The Commission Secretary with Mr. Matthew Loukanaan, the Research Assistant in the Bunkpurugu-Nankanduri District from the District Assembly Office.

The Commission Secretary observing Mr. Matthew Loukanaan, the Research Assistant in the Bunkpurugu-Nankanduri District, administer a questionnaire on a Female Adult Respondent at Jembila Junction at Central Bankpurugu.

The Commission Secretary with Mr. Emmanuel Kombat, the Research Assistant of the Yunyoo-Nasuan District, in front of the District Office.

The Commission Secretary seated by Mr. Emmanuel Kombat, the Research Assistant of the Yunyoo-Nasuan District as he administers a questionnaire on a female household head at Yunyoo.


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