The Chairman of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), Ms. Kathleen Addy has addressed an audience in a public lecture organized by the Ark Foundation Ghana, on the occasion of their 25th Anniversary celebration. The lecture was on the theme, Women Speak Leadership; Transforming Public and Civil Society Institutions with Values-Driven Leadership”. The event was held at the University of Professional Studies (UPSA), Accra.

In her submission, Ms. Addy cautioned the audience to embrace the spirit of working together to achieve common gains without unhealthy competition.

The NCCE Chairman reiterated the importance of servant leadership. She said, “Some say leaders are born, but I think with the right nurturing, anyone can become a leader”. She urged participants to respect their mentors and extend help to others while grounding themselves in their vision.

Joyce Bawah opined that Ghanaian values have not changed. However, modernity has caused significant changes in how we perceive the world, and spreading the phenomena of mentorship. She explained how to project positivity in leadership as women as our uniqueness is what will unlock certain doors, certificates and upbringing may not open. She urged women present to teach their sons to respect women. “Remember, you’re not a man, so you will always do it differently,” she said.

Abena Asomaning remarked, “Man, know thyself” as she explained the concept of women's leadership. She advised women to lead with empathy and function in the moment. “Sometimes, mature mentors must also humble themselves to be mentored by their mentees to get ahead in some of the complexities of the modern world like fashion and technology”, she said.

Esther Cobbah advised women to lead from the reality of their followers. “Many people think others see them in a certain light and they treat them based on that perception, which is unfair. Leadership is followership. You should never disregard your followers”.

Finally, Ms Addy advised women in leadership to speak up and stand for what is right against all odds because leadership challenges present unique opportunities for growth.

Other speakers on the panel were Esther Cobbah, CEO of Stratcomm Africa; Abena Asomaning, Ph.D., Managing Director, Africa Environmental Sanitation Consult (AfESC); Joyce Bawah Mogtari, (Esq.) Special Aide to former President John D. Mahama. The programme was moderated by Annabelle Pwalia.

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