DAMONGO: NCCE Engages Youth On Violent Extremism

DAMONGO: NCCE Engages Youth On Violent Extremism

The municipal directorate of National commission for Civic Education (NCCE) on 24th September, 2021 held an engagement with a Cross section of the youth in Damongo on violence extremism at the Savannah regional coordinating council conference hall.

The occasion was graced by 4 member eloquent guest speakers

The Savannah regional NCCE Director Mr Issaka Zitor took his term by sharing pragmatic information with participants on violence extremism.

Mr Zitor started by applauding Ghana for the long lasting peace that continue to exist and urged all to be tolerant in order to become peace ambassador.

He said the 1992 constitution brought about democracy which has given all persons in Ghana the mandate to be part of the decision making process.

Mr Zitor said as a peace ambassador the only principle of how to let others know about peace and put it into practice is to educate them hemce, the reason he deem it a great day in his life for the meeting.

The NCCE regional Director concluded by advising all participants to be patient and sit down till the end of the program and make sure when they go to their various homes all they need to do is to preach peace.

Mr Umar Abdul Fatawu the Savannah regional Director of Commission for Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ)
talked about the heterogeneous manner of the West Gonja Municipal and emphasised that almost all the population in the municipality is made up of the youth.

Mr Umar said in every society the youth is always the lead when it comes to violence and urged leaders and the society to put special attention on the youth by telling them the importance of peace.

The CHRAJ Director touched on three key areas and explained them categorically namely, Conflict, Peace and Coexistence.

Participants suggested some causes of conflicts in our communities and a series of them like chieftaincy dispute, politics, tribalism and many others were mentioned.

The municipal police commander DSP Johnson Hessey took the participants through some concerns about the Public Act.

According to DSP Johnson Hessey every citizen has the right to organise any occasion that you want but you must
make sure you follow the right process
He educated the participants on the "dos and don'ts" when organising a public gathering or show.

Pastor Samuel Mahama Denkeri is the president for the Damongo Youth parliament and was earmarked as the last speaker.

He urged all to embrace peace as the only tool for development.

Pastor Samuel told participants especially the youth not to switch their complete attention on politicians as the only source to make it life.

He emphasize that the newly created Savannah region has a lot of natural resources that can be turned into cash but before we do that let us first be tolerant and identify our strengths and potential.

Source: savannaghnews.com (https://savannaghnews.com/damongo-ncce-engages-you...)

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