• Office of the Chairman of NCCE

    Office of the Chairman of NCCE
    Location : Room 4, Second Floor of the new Electoral Commission
    Building ,Ridge, Accra [GPS GA-051-1511]
    Tel. No : 0302 962061

  • Ashanti Region

    Ashanti Regional Office

    Location:On the Ground Floor, Rent Control Building, Behind SIC, Bompata- kumasi

    Address:P.O.BOX 5219, Adum, Kumasi. [GPS AK-020-0188]

    Tel. No.:0299502346

    Email: ashanti@nccegh.org; ncceashanti@gmail.com

    Adansi Asokwa District Office – Adansi Asokwa



    Tel. No.:


    Adansi North District Office – Fomena

    Location:In the Adansi North District Assembly Block, Fomena

    Address:P.O. BOX 21, Fomena. [GPS A2-0008-4774]

    Tel. No.:-

    E-mail: nccefomena@yahoo.com; nccefomena@gmail.com

    Adansi South District Office – New Edubiase

    Location:In the NHIS Block at the District Assemble, New Edubiase

    Address:P.O. BOX 1, New Edubiase. [GPS A3-0001-2009]

    Tel. No.:-

    E-mail: ncceadansisouth@gmail.com

    Afigya Kwabre North District Office – Kodie

    Location:In the Afigy Kwabre District Assembly Block, Kodi

    Address:P.O. Box 3, Kodie. [GPS AF-0006-1255]

    Tel. No.:-

    E-mail: kodiencce@gmail.com; nccekodie@yahoo.com

    Afigya Kwabre South District Office – Boamang



    Tel. No.:


    Ahafo Ano North Municipal Office – Tepa

    Location:In the Community Centre, Tepa, Ashanti.

    Address:P.O. Box 34,Tepa,Ashanti. [GPS AX-003-9656]

    Tel. No.:-

    E-mail: nccetepa@gmail.com

    Ahafo Ano South East District Office – Adugyama



    Tel. No.:


    Ahafo Ano South West District Office – Mantranso

    Location:In a rented premises before the Mankranso Bridge on your right,

    opposite the sawmill, Mankranso.

    Address:P.O.Box 19,Mankranso [GPS AY-005-1060]

    Tel. No.:-

    E-mail: nccemankranso@yahoo.com; mankransoncce@gmail.com

    Akrofuom District Office – Akrofuom



    Tel. No.:


    Amansie Central District Office – Jacobu

    Location:In the new District Assemble Complex, Jacabu.

    Address:P.O. Box 7, Jacobu. [GPS AV-0030-6015]

    Tel. No.:-


    Amansie South District Office – Manso Adubia



    Tel. No.:


    Amansie West District Office – Manso Nkwanta

    Location:Old District Assembly Block, Manso Nkwamta.

    Address:P.O.BOX 30, Manso Nkwanta. [ GPS AW-0005-6107]

    Tel. No.:-


    Asante Akim Central Municipal Office Konongo – Odumase

    Location:Old Assemble Hall, Konongo

    Address:P.O. Box 219,Konongo. [GPS AC-0017-8604

    Tel. No.:-


    Asante Akim North District Office

    Location:District Assemble Block, Agogo.

    Address:c/o P.O. Box 155, Agogo. [GPS AA-0033-9444]

    Tel. No.:-


    Asante Akim South Municipal Office – Juaso.

    Location:In the Asante Akim South Municipal Assembly Block, Juasp

    Address:P.O.Box JO 40, Juaso.[GPS AA-0033-0152]

    Tel. No.:0263368929


    Asokore Manpong Municipal Office – Asokore Mampong.

    Location:In the old District Assembly Block, Asokore Mampong

    Address:P.O.Box CN 24,Aboabo, Kumasi. [GPS AK-006-8308]

    Tel. No.:-


    Asokwa Municipal Office – Asokwa, Kumasi

    Location:Decentralised Departments Block, Ahisan Estate, Kumasi

    Address:[GPS AK-241-3960

    Tel. No.:-


    Atwima Kwanwama District Office – Foase

    Location:In the building opposite the District Assembly Complex, Foase.

    Address:PMB, Foase. [GPS AG-0000-1347]

    Tel. No.:-

    E-mail:atwimakwanwomancce@gmail.com; akncce@gmail.com

    Atwima Mponua District Office – Nyinahin

    Location:In the old Count Building, Adjacent the Chief’s Palace, Nyinahin.

    Address:C/o Atwima Mponua District Assembly, Nyinahin. [GPS AL-0001-7036]

    Tel. No.:-


    Atwima Nwabiagya Municipal Office – Nkawie

    Location:In the Burger’s Resident, near the Nkawie Chief’s Palace, Nkawie

    Address:P.O.Box 13,Nkawie.[GPS AH-0001-8668

    Tel. No.:0242211168

    E-mail: nkwiencce@gmail.com

    Atwima Nwabiagya North District Office – Barekese

    Location:Municipal Assembly block, Barekese.

    Address:[GPS AH-1937-8640]

    Tel. No.:-


    Bekwai Municipal Office – Bekwai

    Location:Near Bekwai Municipal Education Office, Bekwai

    Address:P.O.Box 164, Bekwai [ GPS AB-0004-8197]

    Tel. No.:020668990


    Bosome Freho District Office – Asiwa

    Location:In the District Assembly Block, Asiwa.

    Address:PMB, Asiwa. [GPS A4-0006-9123]

    Tel. No.:-


    Bosomtwe District Office – Kuntanse

    Location:NCCE Block,District Assembly Compound, Kuntanse.

    Address:P.O.Box 24, Kuntanse. [GPS AT-0001-9774]

    Tel. No.:-


    Ejisu Municipal Office – Ejisu

    Location:In the Old Municipal Assembly Building in front of the main Ejisu

    Address:Municipal Assemble Block , Ejisu.

    Tel. No.:-


    Ejura-Sekyedumase District Office – Ejura

    Location:In the GES Block near the Ejura-Sekyedumase Municipal Assembly Building,Ejura

    Address:P.O.Box 9, Ejura. [GPS AJ-0019-6519]

    Tel. No.:-


    Juaben Municipal Office – Juaben



    Tel. No.:


    Kumasi Metropolitan Office – Kumasi

    Location:In the premises of the Kumasi Circuit Court,near the Ghana Fire Service, adjacent to the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly Block,Kumasi

    Address:P.O.Box KS 6017 , Adum, Kumasi. [ GPS GHAK-064-6325]

    Tel. No.:-


    Kwabrew East Municipal Office – Mampongteng

    Location:NCCE Building, adjacent to the kwabre East Municipal Assembly Block,Mampongteng.

    Address:P.O.Box MJ 24, Mamponteng. [GPS AD-010-4054]

    Tel. No.:-


    Kwabaso Municipal Office - Kwadaso, Kumasi

    Location:Municipal Assembly Block, Kwadaso, Kumasi.

    Address:c/o Kwadaso Municipal Assembly, PMB, Kwadaso, Kumasi.

    Tel. No.:


    Manpong Municipal Office – Mampong

    Location:Municipal Assembly Block, Mampong.

    Address:P.O. Box 25, Mampong. [ GPS AM-0020-1765]

    Tel. No.:-


    Obuasi East District Office – Tutuka



    Tel. No.:


    Obuasi Municipal Office – Obuasi

    Location:Room No. 78 and 79 Within the Obuasi Municipal Assembly Building, Amangoase, Obuasi

    Address:P.O.Box 32, Obuasi. [GPS AO-017-6095]

    Tel. No.:-


    Offinso North District Office – Akomadan

    Location:Located in the Area Council Building, Afrancho Opposite Methodist JHS,Akomadan.

    Address:P.O.Box 25, Akomadan. [ GPS A6-0056-2616

    Tel. No.:-


    Offinso South Municipal Office – Offinso

    Location:In the same yard with the Offinso Municipal Assemble Hall, opposite the Offinsoman Rural Bank, Offinso.

    Address:P.O.Box 2, Offinso. [GPS A7-0000-645]

    Tel. No.:-


    Oforikrom Municipal Office – Oforikrom, Kumasi

    Location:Bomso Area Council Building, Bomso, Kumasi

    Address:C/o Oforikrom Municipal Assembly,PMB,Oforikrom, Kumasi. [GPS AK-105-0771]

    Tel. No.:-


    Old Tafo Municipal Office – Tafo, Kumasi

    Location:Municipal Assembly Block, Tafo Mile 4, Tafo,Kumasi [GPS AK-154-8566]


    Tel. No.:-


    Sekyere Afram plains District Office – Drobonso

    Location:ICT Centre in the District Assembly Premises, Drobonso District. [GPS AU-00004-0411]


    Tel. No.:-


    Sekyere Central District Office – Nsuta Ashanti

    Location:District Assembly Building, Nsuta Asanti.

    Address:P.O.Box 100, Nsuta Ashanti [ GPS AQ-0001-3610]

    Tel. No.:-

    E-mail:nccensutaashanti@gmail.com, nccensutasekyerecentral@yahoo.com

    Sekyere East District Office – Effiduase

    Location:On the first floor of the main District Assembly Block, Effiduase.

    Address:P.O.Box 15, Effiduase. [GPS AR-00030-6029]

    Tel. No.:-


    Sekyere Kumawu District Office – Kumawu

    Location:On the second floor of the Sekyere Afram Plains District Assembly Block, Kumawu

    Address:[GPS AP-0000-6729]

    Tel. No.:-


    Sekyere South District Office – Agona

    Location:Located at Old District Assembly Block, opposite GCB, Agona ashanti.

    Address:P.O.Box 1, Afona. [ GPS AZ-0000-3722]

    Tel. No.:-


    Suame Municipal Office – Suame, Kumasi

    Location:Suame Municipal Assembly Block, Kumasi

    Address:P.O.SE 2381, Suame, Kumasi. [ GPS AK-120-8734]

    Tel. No.:-


  • Brong Ahafo Region

    Brong Ahafo Region

    Location:Ground floor of the Brong Ahafo RCC Building, Sunyani.

    Address:P.O.Box 260, Sunyani. [GPS BY-0116-4338]

    Tel. No.:-


    Asunafo North Municipal Office – Goaso

    Location:In the Municipal Assembly Building opposite the main Asunafo North Municipal Assembly Block, Goaso

    Address:P.O.Box 29, Goaso. [ GPS BU-0003-6546]

    Tel. No.:-


    Asunafo South District Office – Kukuom

    Location:District Assembly Block opposite the kukuom Agriculture Senior High School , Kukuom.

    Address:[GPS BV-0008-7494]

    Tel. No.:-


    Asutifi North District Office – Kenyasi

    Location:OLD GES Office, same block with NHIS, kenyasi.

    Address:[GPS BU-0022-9100]

    Tel. No.:-


    Asutifi South District Office – Hwidiem

    Location:Old Community Centre, Hwidiem.

    Address:P.O.Box 92, Hwidiem. [GPS BR-007-8886]

    Tel. No.:-


    Atebubu-Amantin Municipal Office – Atebubu

    Location:Behind the Atebubu-Amantin Municipal Asembly Block, Adjecent to the Old Ghana Fire Service Building, Atebubu.

    Address:P.O.Box 66, Atebubu. [GPS BA-03370-9492]

    Tel. No.:-


    Banda District Office – Banda Ahenkro

    Location:Inside the Banda District Assembly Block, next to NSS Office, Banda Ahenkro.

    Address:C/o P.O.Box 3, Banda Ahenkro. [GPS BC-0012-7161]

    Tel. No.:-


    Berekum East Municipal Office – Berekum

    Location:Old Assembly Building, opposite Municipal Ghana Fire Service Station, Berekum.

    Address:P.O.Box 40, Berekum. [ GPS BB-0022-5707]

    Tel. No.:-


    Berekum West District Office – Jinijini



    Tel. No.:-


    Dormaa Central Municipal Office Dormaa – Ahenkro

    Location:Behind the Main Municipal Assembly Block, Dormaa Ahenkro.

    Address:P.O.Box 63, Dormaa Ahenkro. [GPS BD-0009-9360]

    Tel. No.:-


    Dormaa East District Office – Wamfie

    Location:In the premises of the Wamfie Magistrate Court Building (Former Wamfie Town Council Office) Wamfie.

    Address:P.O.Box 5, Wamfie. [ GPS BE-0000-0296]

    Tel. No.:-


    Dormaa West District Office – Nkrankwanta

    Location:Nana Akomea Storey Building on the 2nd Floor, Nkrankwanta

    Address:P.O.Box 4, Nkrankwanta. [ GPS BF-0012-9844]

    Tel. No.:-


    Jaman North District Office – Sampa

    Location:Jaman North District Assembly Block, sampa.

    Address:P.O.Box 56, Sampa. [GPS BJ-0005-0993]

    Tel. No.:-


    Jaman South Municipal Office – Drobo

    Location:Opposite Japekrom Post Office in a rented Building near the presbytarain Church, Japekrom.

    Address:P.O.Box 41, Japekrom. [GPS BI-0022-1134]

    Tel. No.:-


    Kintampo North Municipal Assembly Conference Hall

    Location:Opposite Kintampo North Municipal Assembly Conference Hall, Kintampo.

    Address:P.O.Box 210, Kintampo. [ GPS BK-0013-1059]

    Tel. No.:-


    Kintampo South District Office

    Location:Inside Community ICT Centre Building, Jama.

    Address:P.O.Box 2, jema. [GPS BL-0042-7788]

    Tel. No.:-


    Nkoranza Municipal Office – Nkoranza

    Location:In the old Assembly Block adject to the magistrate Court Building, Nkoranza.

    Address:P.O.Box 13, Nkoranza. [GPS BO-0044-5263]

    Tel. No.:-


    Nkoranza North District Office – Busunya

    Location:In a rented building opposite the old District Assembly Block, Busunya.

    Address:P.O.Box 193, Busunya. [GPS BN-0001-2306]

    Tel. No.:-


    Pru East District Office – Yeji

    Location:Inside the Yeji Harbour, Opposite the O.A. Transport Bus Station, Yeji.

    Address:P.O.Box 76, Yeji. [ GPS BP-0000-4829]

    Tel. No.:-


    Pru West District Office – Prang



    Tel. No.:-


    Sene East District Office – Kajaji

    Location:In the classroom of the old Kajaji Senior High School, Kajaji.

    Address:C/o P.O.Box 38, Kwame Danso. [ GPS BG-00001-7689]

    Tel. No.:-


    Sene West District Office – Kwame Danso

    Location:Sene West District Assembly Junior Staff Quarters, near GNAT Secretariat, Kwame Danco.

    Address:P.O.Box 3, Kwame Danso. [ GPS BH-0000-6126]

    Tel. No.:-


    Sunyani Municipal Office – Sunyani

    Location:Behind the Sunyani Municipal Assembly Block, New Town – Sunyani.

    Address:P.O.Box 2656,Sunyani. [GPS BS-0022-9100]

    Tel. No.:-


    Sunyani west District Office – Odumase

    Location:Inside the Odumase No. 1 Traditional Council Building, Odumase.

    Address:P.O.Box 260, Sunyani. [GPS BY-0000-579]

    Tel. No.:-


    Tain District Office – Nsawkaw

    Location:Inside the Tain District Assembly Block, Second Floor, Nsawkaw.

    Address:P.O.Box 2, Nsawkaw. [GPS BZ-0038-3591]

    Tel. No.:-


    Tano North Municipal Office – Duayam Nkwanta

    Location:Opposite the Omanhene’s Palace and in the same building with the Magistrate Court, Duayam Nkwanta.

    Address:P.O.Box 88, Duayaw Nkwanta. [GPS b2-0000-3711]

    Tel. No.:-


    Tano South Municipal Office – Bechem

    Location:Inside the Tano South Municipal Assembly Block, Bechem.

    Address:P.O.Box 67, Bechem. [GPS B3-0073-6736]

    Tel. No.:-


    Techiman Municipal Office – Techiman

    Location:On the first floor of Techiman Municipal Assembly Block, Techiman.

    Address:P.O.Box 30, Techiman.[GPS BT-0010-0296]

    Tel. No.:-


    Techiman North District Office – Tuobodom

    Location:Inside the Old Techiman North District Assembly Premises (GES Block),Tuobodom

    Address:C/o P.O.Box 3, Tuobodom. [GPS BX-0010-9917]

    Tel. No.:-


    Wenchi Municipal Office – Wenchi

    Location:NCCE/NADMO Block near the Wenchi Municipal Assembly Building, Wenchi.

    Address:P.O.Box 6, Wenchi. [GPS BW-0012-4141]

    Tel. No.:-


  • Central Region

    Central Region Office – Cape Coast

    Location:First floor of the Central Regional Coordinating Council Block, Cape Coast.

    Address:P.O.Box 202, Cape Coast. [GPS CC-041-3027]

    Tel. No.:-

    E-mail:central@nccebgh.org; cncce@yahoo.com; crncce@gmail.com

    Abura-Asebu-Kwamankesse District Office – Abura-Dunkwa

    Location:On the first floor of the annex of Abura-Asebu-Kwamankese Assembly Block, Abura Dunkwa.

    Address:C/o P.O.Box 27, Abura Dunkwa. [GPS CA-0042-0900]

    Tel. No.:-


    Agona East District Office – Agona Nsaba

    Location:Next to NSS Office in the Agona East District Assembly Block, Agona Nsaba

    Address:P.O.Box 9, Agona Nsaba. [ GPS CP-0000-29-78]

    Tel. No.:-


    Agona West Municipal Office – Agona Swedru

    Location:Adjecent to the NHIS Office in the Old Cocoa Board Building, Agona Swedru.

    Address:P.O.Box 462, Agona Swedru.[GPS CO-0020-1867]

    Tel. No.:-


    Ajumako-Enyan-Essaim District Office – Ajumako

    Location:Inside Mac Kofi Building adject to the District Court Building, Ajumako.

    Address:P.O.Box AJ 23, Ajumako.[GPS CJ-0340-4405]

    Tel. No.:-


    Asikuma-Odoben-Brakwa District Office – Asikuma

    Location:Next to the NSS Office in the Assembly Annex Premises, off Nwomaso Road, Breman Asikuma.

    Address:P.O.Box 36, Breman Asikuma. [GPS CB-0044-3654]

    Tel. No.:-


    Assin North Municipal Office – Assin Foso

    Location:Opposite the works Department in the Main Municipal Assembly Block, Assin Fosu.

    Address:C/o P.O.Box AF 99, Assin Fosu. [GPS CR-0000-2276]

    Tel. No.:-


    Assin South District Office – Nsuaem-Kyekyewere

    Location:Located in the Basement of the Main District Assembly Complex, Nsuaem-Kyekyewere.

    Address:P.O.Box 18, Assin Darmang. [GPS CS-0091-6994]

    Tel. No.:-


    Awutu Senya District Office Awutu-Breku

    Location:Opposite the Judicial Service Block in the District Assembly Premises, Awutu Bereku

    Address:P.O.Box 4, Awutu Bereku.[ GPS CX-0000-4759]

    Tel. No.:-

    E-mail:ncceawutusenya@yahoo.com / ncceawutusenya@gmail.com

    Awutu Senya East Municipal Office – Kasoa

    Location:Inside the Obom Road New Bus Terminal, Kasoa.

    Address:P.O.Box 553, Kasoa. [GPS CW-003-8253]

    Tel. No.:-


    Cape Coast Metro Office – Cape Coast

    Location:Located in the Ghana Education Service Metro Office Building / VAT Office Block, Abease, Cape Coast.

    Address:P.O.Box 1403, Cape Coast.

    Tel. No.:0332134179


    Effutu Municipal Office – Winneba

    Location:On the first of the old GES Block, Winneba.

    Address:P.O.Box 1, Winneba. [GPS CE-003-3007]

    Tel. No.:-

    E-mail:winnebancce@gmail.com; winneba@nccegh.org

    Ekumfi District Office – Essarkyir

    Location:Within Ekumfi the District Assembly Block, near the Community Centre.

    Address:P.O.Box 4, Ekumfi. [GPS CF-0966-3521]

    Tel. No.:-


    Gomoa Central District Office – Gomoa Afransi

    Location:First office of the old District Assembly Complex, Gomoa Afransi

    Address:P.O.Box 2, Gomoa Afransi. [GPS CG-0006-8164]

    Tel. No.:-


    Gomoa East District Office – Gomoa Potsin



    Tel. No.:-


    Gomao West District Office – Apam

    Location:Adjacent to the Gomoa West District Education Office, Apam.

    Address:P.O.Box 39, Apam. [GPS CI-0076-7007]

    Tel. No.:-


    Komenda – Edina Eguafo-Abirem ( KEEA) Municipal Office – Elmina

    Location:Block N in the KEEA Municipal Assembly Building, Elimina.

    Address:P.O.Box 29, Elimina. [GPS CK-0022-2438]

    Tel. No.:-


    Mfantseman Municipal Office – Saltpond

    Location:In the Public Works Department (PWD) Premises ,Saltpond.

    Address:P.O.Box 28, Saltpond.[GPS CM-0007-4875]

    Tel. No.:-


    Twifo / Atti Morkwa District Office – Twifo Praso

    Location:Ground Floor of the New District Assembly Complex, opposite NSS Office, Twifo praso

    Address:P.O.Box 7, Twifo Praso. [ GPS CT-0008-8060]

    Tel. No.:-


    Twifo Hemang Lower Denkyira District Office – Hemang

    Location:Opposite NADMO Office in the District Assembly Building, Twifo Hemang.

    Address:P.O.Box 1, Twifo Hemang. [GPS CH-0007-6492]

    Tel. No.:-


    Upper Denkyira East Municipal

    Location:In the Old GES Building behind Labour Office, Dunkwa-On-Offin.

    Address:P.O.Box DW 144, Dunkwa-On-Offin. [GPS CU-0005-4001]

    Tel. No.:-


    Upper Denkyira West District Office – Diaso

    Location:Groud floor of the District Assembly Block next to EPA Office, Diaso.

    Address:P.O.Box 80, Diaso. [ GPS CV-0024-7291]

    Tel. No.:-


  • Eastern Region

    Eastern Regional Office - Koforidua

    Location:3rd Floor, SSNIT Complex Building , Koforidua

    Address:P.O.Box KF 1445, Koforidua.[GPS EN-010-1382]

    Tel. No.:0342022483/0342025610


    Abuakwa North Municipal Office – Kukurantumi

    Location:Old Town Council Building, New Tafo Akim ( Agrculture Department)

    Address:[GPS EE-1042-4463]

    Tel. No.:-


    Abuakwa South District Office – Kibi

    Location:In the Old East Akim Municipal Assembly Block, Kibi.

    Address:P.O.Box 50, Kibi. [GPS EE-0001-6797]

    Tel. No.:-


    Akuapem South District Office – Aburi

    Location:In the District Assembly Annex Block, next to the Ahwerase Cemetary

    Address:P.O.Box 124, Aburi. [GPS E3-029-0648]

    Tel. No.:-


    Akuapem North Municipal Office – Akropong

    Location:Opposite ‘Agya Paye’ Block, Dawu – Akuapem.

    Address:P.O.Box 102, Akropong-Akuapem [GPS E2-0019-3258]

    Tel. No.:-

    E-mail:ncceakuapemnorth@yahoo.com; ncceakuapemnorth@gmail.com

    Akyemansa District Office – Akim Ofoase

    Location:In a rented premises next to the NYEP Office, near Santa Maria, Akim Ofoase.

    Address:P.O.Box, Akim Ofoase. [GPS EM-0007-8688]

    Tel. No.:-


    Asene/Manso Akroso District Office – Manso



    Tel. No.:-


    Asuogyaman District Office – Akosombo

    Location:On the 2nd Floor of the GCB Building, adjacent to the Serlin Insurance Company Office, Akosombo.

    Address:P.O.Box 145, Akosombo. [GPS EA-0495-7371]

    Tel. No.:0343020465


    Atiwa East District Office – Anyinam



    Tel. No.:-


    Atiwa West District Office – Kwabeng

    Location:Next to the Cooperative Cocoa Shed, Kwabeng.

    Address:P.O.KB 14, Kwabeng. [ GPS ET-0000-7989]

    Tel. No.:-


    Ayensuano District Office – Coaltar

    Location:Within the Old District Assembly Block Adjecent to the Agric Office, Coaltar

    Address:C/o P.O.Box 32, Coaltar. [ GPS EO-0005-6909]

    Tel. No.:-


    Birim Central Municipal Office – Akim-Oda

    Location:Adjacent to the Municipal Court, Akim Oda.

    Address:P.O.Box 114, Akim Oda. [ GPS EB-0007-6680]

    Tel. No.:-


    Birim North District Office – New Abirem

    Location:In the district Assembly Premises (Old Block) adjacent to the Department of Births & Deaths, New Abirem

    Address:P.O.Box , New Abirem. [ GPS EX-0016-4199]

    Tel. No.:-


    Birim South District Office – Akim Swedru

    Location:In the District Assembly Annex Building adjacent to the NADMO Office, Akim Awisa

    Address:P.O.Box 200, Akim Swerdu

    Tel. No.:-


    Denkyembour Distrcit Office – Akwatia

    Location:Opposite the main gate of the ST. Rose’s Senior High School, Akwatia.

    Address:C/o DDA, P.O.Box 32, Akwatia. [GPS ED-0047-9928]

    Tel. No.:-


    Fanteatwa North District Office – Begoro

    Location:Opposite the Main Assembly Hall in the Old District Assembly Block, Begro.

    Address:P.O.Box 56, Begora. [GPS EF-0022-4561]

    Tel. No.:-


    Fanteakwa South District Office – Osino



    Tel. No.:-


    Kwaebiriram Municipal Office – Kade

    Location:In Mr Appiah Kubi’s House (H/No. E11) opposite the old Match Factory/premises of the Former Kade Senior High Technical School, Kade.

    Address:C/o Box 19, Kade. [ GPS EK-0040-9780]

    Tel. No.:-


    Kwahu Afram Plains North District Office – Donkorkrom

    Location:Adjacent to B.A.C in the Old District Assembly Block, Donkorkrom.

    Address:P.O.Box 1. Dontorkrom. [GPS EP-0017-7231]

    Tel. No.:-


    Kwahu Afram Plains South District Office – Tease

    Location:Opposite the Works Department in the World Vision Building, Tease.

    Address:C/o P.O.Box 25, Tease. [GPS EQ-00002-9269]

    Tel. No.:-


    Kwaku East District Office – Abetifi

    Location:Rooms 13 & 14 within the Kwahu East District Assembly Block, Abetifi.

    Address:P.O.Box 11, Abetifi. [ GPS EH-0000-6042]

    Tel. No.:-


    Kwabu South District Office – Mpraeso

    Location:In the Formal Cocoa Office Building off Mpraeso-Obomeng Road, Mpreaso.

    Address:P.O.Box 26, Mpreaso. [GPS EI-0158-6041]

    Tel. No.:-


    Kwahu West Municipal Office – Nkawkaw

    Location:On the Kumasi Road, opposite Total Filling Station, Nkawkaw.

    Address:P.O.Box 289, Nkawkaw. [ GPS EJ-0000-3102]

    Tel. No.:-


    Lower Manya Krobo Municipal Office – Odumase – Krobo

    Location:Opposite the Department of social Welfare Office, within the Municipal Assebly Building, Odumase Krobo.

    Address:P.O.Box 229, Odumase Krobo. [ GPS E6-06186-2656]

    Tel. No.:-


    New Juaben Municipal Office – Koforidua

    Location:Ground floor of the Tema House Building, Koforidua

    Address:P.O.Box KF 1745, Koforidua. [GPS EN-027-8253]

    Tel. No.:0342022072


    New Juaben North Municipal Office – Effiduase



    Tel. No.:-


    Nsawam Aboadyiri Municipal Office – Nsawam

    Location:In a block adjoined to Nsawam Municipal Office of the GES, Nsawam.

    Address:[GPS EG-019-2597]

    Tel. No.:-


    Okere District Office – Adukrom



    Tel. No.:-


    Suhum Municipal Office – Suhum

    Location:Adjacent the Ghana Fire Service Office, Suhum.

    Address:P.O.Box Su 272, Suhum. [ GPS ES-0004-3680]

    Tel. No.:0342522245


    Upper Manya Krobo District Office – Asesewa

    Location:Old Palm Factory / Old GES Building, Asesewa.

    Address:C/o P.O.Box 52, Asesewa. [GPS EU-0044-4096]

    Tel. No.:-

    E-mail:ncceumkd@yahoo.com; ncceumkd@gmail.com

    Upper West Akim District Office – Adeiso

    Location:Next to the Social Welfare Office in the District Assembly Annex, Adeiso.

    Address:P.O.Box 3, Adeiso. [ GPS EV-0001-4441]

    Tel. No.:-


    West Akim Municipal Office – Asamankese

    Location:First Office in the West Akyem Municipal Assembly, Asamankese.

    Address:P.O.Box AS 250, Asamankese. [ GPS EW-0001-7842]

    Tel. No.:-


    Yiko Krobo Municipal Office – Somanya

    Location:On first floor Opposite GRA Office in the SSNIT Building, Somanya

    Address:P.O.Box 203,Somanya. [ GPS EY-0006-9064]

    Tel. No.:-


  • Greater Accra Region

    Greater Accra Regional Office – Accra

    Location:First Floor Greater Accra Regional Co-ordinating Council Building

    Address:(Old Block), Accra. [ GPS GA-076-0126]

    Tel. No.:-


    Ablekuma North Municipal Office – Darkuman


    Address:C/o Ablekuma North Municipal Assembly, Darkuman [ GPS GA-469-0649]

    Tel. No.:-


    Ablekuma West Municipal Office – Dansoman – Accra

    Location:In the Ablekuma West Municipal Assembly Block which is within the compand of the Gbagyeyese Basic School, Dansoman. [ GPS GA-544-2345]


    Tel. No.:-


    Accra Metropolitan Office – Accra

    Location:In the Digital Centre near Kwame Nkrumah Interchange Circle. ( Ring Road) Accra.

    Address:Accra Digital Centre – [GPS GA-174-3217]

    Tel. No.:-


    Ablekuma Central Sub-Metropolitan Office – Latebiokorshie – Accra

    Location:Within the Local Government Building Yard, Latebiokorshi - Accra

    Address:[GPS GA-316-5031]

    Tel. No.:-


    Abekuma South Sub-Metropolitan Office – Korle Gonnor -Accra

    Location:Within Ablekuma South Metropolitan Office, Korle Gonnor ( Lavender Hill), Korle Gonno - Accra

    Address:[GPS GA-277-7484]

    Tel. No.:-


    Ashiedu Keteke Sub-Metropolitan Office – Ashiedu Keteke

    Location:On the last Floor of the Gye Nyame Building, Opera Square, Ashiedu Keteke.

    Address:[GPS GA-183-8164]

    Tel. No.:-


    Ada East District Office – Ada – Foah

    Location:In a rented premise opposite the Presby Church ,Kasseh ( Ada Junction)

    Address:P.O.Box AF 20, Ada-Foah. [ GPS GY-0773-7214]

    Tel. No.:-


    Ada West District Office – Sege

    Location:In a rented premisese opposite the Church of Pentecost, Sege

    Address:[GPS GX-0005-1159]

    Tel. No.:-


    Adentan Municipal Office – Adentan

    Location:Gbentaana Zonal Council Premises, Adentan

    Address:P.O.AF 240,Adentan. [GPS GD-003-4688]

    Tel. No.:-


    Ashaiman Municipal Office – Ashaiman

    Location:Room 10 & 11, Ghana Fire Service Complex within the Ashiaman Municipal Assembly premises, Ashaiman.

    Address:PMB Community 1, Tema. [ GPS GB-004-3612]

    Tel. No.:-


    Ayawaso East Municipal Office – Nima – Accra



    Tel. No.:-


    Ayawaso North Municipal Office – Accra New Town, Accra



    Tel. No.:-


    Ayawaso West Municipal Office – Abelempke – Accra



    Tel. No.:-


    Ga Central Municipal Office – Sowutuom – Accra

    Location:Ga Central Municipal Assembly Complex, Sowutuom – Accra.

    Address:C/o Ga Central Municipal Assembly, P.O.Box OD 984, Odorkor-Accra

    Tel. No.:-


    Ga East Municipal Office - Abokobi

    Location:Opposite Warren Oil Filling Station, Abokobi

    Address:P.O.Box AK 84, Abokobi. [GPS GE-017-5028]

    Tel. No.:-


    Ga North Municipal Office – Amamole



    Tel. No.:-


    Ga South Municipal Office – Obom

    Location:Doemebra Zonal Council

    Address:WJ 305, Ngleshie Amanfrom [ GPS GS-00-794-2935]

    Tel. No.:-


    Ga West Municipal Office – Amasaman

    Location:In the Old Old Ga West Municipal Assembly Block off the Ga West Municipal Hospital Road, Amasaman.

    Address:P.O.Box AM 18, Amansaman. [ GPS GW-0007-0556]

    Tel. No.:-


    Kpone-Katamanso Municipal Office - Kpone

    Location:Inside the Kpone-Katamanso Municipal Assembly Premises, Kpone.

    Address:P.O.Box 33,Kpone. [ GPS GK-0011-1415]

    Tel. No.:-


    Krowor Municipal Office – Nungua

    Location:Nungua Municipa Assembly, Teshie-Nungua Estates

    Address:[GPS GZ-043-3594]

    Tel. No.:-


    La Dede Kotopon Municipal Office – La

    Location:Within the old Assembly Building, Behind the Ghana Trade Fair,La.

    Address:[GPS GL-036-3194]

    Tel. No.:-


    La Nkwantanang – Madina Municipal Office – Madina

    Location:In a rented premises opposite Randy Health Services on Melcom – Hannah School Complex Road ( Victoria Clinic Area), Madina.

    Address:[GPS GM-018-7126]

    Tel. No.:-


    Ledzokuku Municipal Office – Teshie

    Location:House Number 149/13. Hibiscus Street, Teshie-Nungua Estates.

    Address:[GPS GZ-016-8222]

    Tel. No.:-


    Ningo Prampram District Office – Prampram

    Location:In a rented premises opposite Quantum Filling Station on Vuhe Road,New Ningo

    Address:C/o NiPDA Box 445, Prampram. [GPS GN-263-7071]

    Tel. No.:-


    Okaikwei North Municipal Office – Abeka



    Tel. No.:-


    Shai-Osudoku District – Dodowa

    Location:Room No. 3 adjacent to the National Service Office, in the premises of the District Magistrate Court, Dodowa.

    Address:P.O.Box Dd 38, Dadowa. [ GPS G000100675]

    Tel. No.:-


    Tema Metropolitan Office – Tema

    Location:1st Floor of the ‘White House’ ( Behind GRA0, Community Two – Tema.

    Address:P.O.Box C7 9077, Tema. [ GPS GT-020-3185]

    Tel. No.:-


    Tema West Municipal Office – Community 18 – Tema


    Address:[GPS GT-020-2794]

    Tel. No.:-


    Weija Gbawe Municipal Office – Weija

    Location:GICEL Premises – SCC, Weija.

    Address:P M B 2, Weija. [ GPS GS-0127-1634]

    Tel. No.:-


  • Northern Region

    Northern Regional Office – Temale

    Location:In the old Agric Office on the Bolgatanga Road, Tamale

    Address:P.O.Box TL 744, Tamale. [ GPS NS-117-1775]

    Tel. No.:0372022060


    Bole District Office – Bole

    Location:In the old Bole District Assembly Block, next to NADMO Office, Bole.

    Address:C/o P.O.Box 29, Bole. [ GPS NB-00000-7795]

    Tel. No.:-


    Bunkpurugu Nankpanduri District Office – Bunkpurugu

    Location:In the old District Assembly Block, Bunkprugu

    Address:P.O.Box 1, Bunkpurugu. [GPS NP-0017-3937]

    Tel. No.:C/o District Assembly, Bunkprugu


    Central Gonja District Office – Buipe

    Location:In the old District Assembly Block ( Area Council Office) next to EC Office, Buipe.

    Address:C/o District Assembly, P.O.Box 744, Builpe. [ GPS N3-00005-1058]

    Tel. No.:-


    Chereponi District Office – Chereponi

    Location:In the District Assembly Guest House, jakpa Road, Chereponi.

    Address:P.O.Box 1, Chereponi, [ NC-0006-6494]

    Tel. No.:C/o District Assembly, Chereponi.


    East Gonja Municipal Office – Salaga

    Location:Near the NHIS Office, opposite the Salaga Hospital, Salaga.

    Address:P.O.Box SL 55, Salaga, [GPS N400012-4584]

    Tel. No.:-


    East Mamprusi Municipal Office – Gambaga

    Location:In the Colonial Administration Building near the Ghana Police Serice Station, Gambaga

    Address:P.O.Box GA1, Gambaga. [ GPS NG-0005-8795]

    Tel. No.:0206202113


    Gushegu Municipal Office – Gushegu

    Location:In the Municpal Annex Block adjacent to the Municpal Assembly Building, Gushegu.

    Address:P.O.Box 1, Gushegu. [ GPS NG-00037-5054]

    Tel. No.:0207494533


    Karaga District Office – Karaga

    Location:In the Ghana Education Service Building Opposite the main District Assembly Building, Karaga.

    Address: C/o P.O.Box TL 744, Tamale. [ GPS NR-00004-4020]

    Tel. No.:-


    Kpandai District Office - Kpandai

    Location:In the Former District Assembly Junior Staff Quarters, opposite the Polyclinic Junction, Kpandai.

    Address:C/o District Assembly, P.O.Box 30, Kpandai. [ GPS NA-0021-3422]

    Tel. No.:-


    Kumbungu District Office – Kumbungu

    Location:In the same building with NHIS, Opposite Kumbungu Senior High School, Kumburugu.

    Address:P.O.Box 1, Yagaba. [ GPS NM-0008-5274]

    Tel. No.:-


    Mampurugu Moagduri District Office – Yagaba

    Location:In the District Assembly Building , Yagaba.

    Address:P.O.Box 1, Yagaba. [ GPS NM-0008-5274]

    Tel. No.:-


    Mion District Office – Sang

    Location:In the District Assembly Block Annex, Opposite Sang Clinic, Sang.

    Address:C/o Mion District Assembly, Sang/ ][ GPS NI-000-51-7331]

    Tel. No.:-


    Nanton District Office – Nanton

    Location:In the old World Vision Building, opposite Nanton Health Centre, Nanton.

    Address:C/o NCCE, P.O.Box 1, Savelugu. [ GPS NN-0022-9958]

    Tel. No.:0244715972


    Nanumba North Municipal Office – Bimbilla

    Location:On the second floor of the District Assembly Building Annex occupied by the Ghana Education Service and other Departments near the main municipal Assembly Building, Bimbilla. [ GPS N0-0043-4757]

    Address:C/o District Assembly , P.O.Box 1, Bimbilla. [ GPS N0-0043-4757]

    Tel. No.:-


    Nanumba South District Office – Wulensi

    Location:In the District assembly Block opposite NYEP Office, Wulensi.

    Address:P.O.Box 1, Wulensi. [ GPS N0-0043-4757]

    Tel. No.:-


    North Gonja District Office – Daboya

    Location:District Assebly Premises, Daboya

    Address:C/o District Assembly, Daboya. [ GPS N2-00033-2375]

    Tel. No.:-


    Saboba District Office – Saboba

    Location:Next to the Deputy District Co-ordinator’s Office in the District Assembly Block, Saboba

    Address:P.O.Box 36, Saboba. [ GPS NX-0032-3750]

    Tel. No.:-


    Sagnarigu Municipal Office – Sagnarigu

    Location:At Sagnarigu Kukuo, 800 meters from the Sagnarigu Chief’s Palace, Sagnarigu

    Address:C/o P.O.Box TL 744, Tamale. [ GPS NS-061-1346]

    Tel. No.:0204809100


    Salelugu Municipal Office – Savelugu

    Location:In the former NHIS Office near Yoo-Naa’s Palace, Savelugu.

    Address:C/o P.O.Box 8, Savelugu. [ GPS NU 0021-0926

    Tel. No.:-


    Sawla Tuna Kalba District Office – Sawla

    Location:Near the NHIS Office, in the Ghana Highways yard near Sawla Community Centre, on the Sawla-Wa Road, Sawla

    Address:C/o District Assembly, Sawla. [ GPS NW-00220-2256]

    Tel. No.:0274193934


    Tamale Metropolitan Office – Tamale

    Location:Old Assebly Block , near Regional Police Headquarters or the Regional Library, Tamale.

    Address:C/o P.O.Box TL 744, Tamale. ( GPS NT-00001-6584)

    Tel. No.:-


    Tatale-Sanguali District Office – Tatale

    Location:In the same office with the Non Formal Education (NFED), opposite the District Assembly Block, Tatale.

    Address:P.O.Box TS 1, Tatale. [ GPS NF-0006-0022]

    Tel. No.:-


    Tolon District Office – Tolon

    Location:In the Old Assembly Block near Girls Training Centre, Tolon.

    Address:C/O NCCE, P.O.Box TL 744, Tamale. [ GPS NL-0002-5009]

    Tel. No.:-


    West Gonja District Office – Damongo

    Location:In the Building shared with CHRAJ behind Ghana Telecom on the way to west Gonja District Assembly, Damango.

    Address:P.O.Box M53, Damango. [GPS n5-00004-4943]

    Tel. No.:0202168287


    West Mamprusi Municipal Office – Walewale

    Location:In the Old Court Building, near CHRAJ Office, on the Hospital Road, Walewale.

    Address:P.O.Box 48, Walewale. [GPS ND-00005-9323]

    Tel. No.:-


    Yendi Municipal Office -Yendi

    Location:In the old Distict Administration Building near Yendi Municipal Hospital, Yendi.

    Address:C/o P.O.Box Yd 150, Yendi. [ GPS NY-0026-0700]

    Tel. No.:-


    Yunyoo District Office – Yunyoo

    Location:Yunyoo Area Council, opposite GN Bank , Yunyoo

    Address:C/o NCCE, P.O.Box 1, Bunkpurugu

    Tel. No.:0244715972


    Zabzugu District Office – Zabzugu

    Location:Assembly District Administration Block Annex, near the main District Assemlby Block on the Tatale Road, Zabzugu.

    Address:P.O.BOX ZB 1, Zabzugu. [GPS NZ-0024-46]

    Tel. No.:-


  • Upper East Region

    Upper East Regiona Office – Bolgatanga

    Location:On the 2nd floor of the Regional Coordination Council Block, Bolgatanga

    Address:P.O.Box 448, Bolgatanga. [ GPS UB-0034-1209]

    Tel. No.:0299502343


    Bawku Municipal Office – Bawku

    Location:Room 22 & 23, 1st floor of the municipal Assembly Complex, Bawku

    Address:P.O.Box 1, Bawku. [ GPS UA-0017-1193]

    Tel. No.:-


    Bawku West District Office – Zabilla

    Location:In the Old Clinic next to Zebilla Rural Bank, Zebilla.

    Address:P.O.Box 1, Bawku. [ GPS UW-0000-5806]

    Tel. No.:-


    Binduri District Office – Binduri

    Location:In the rented primises of the Binduri District Assembly Blokc ( Old Site) next to GHS Office, Binduri

    Address:P.O.Box 1, Binduri [ GPS UU-0306-3698]

    Tel. No.:-


    Bolgatanga East District Office – Zuarungu



    Tel. No.:-


    Bolgatanga Municipal Office – Bolgatanga

    Location:On the ground floor ( Romms 9-12) of the Regional Coordination Council Block, adjacent to the Statistics office, Bolgatanga.

    Address:P.O.Box 630, Bolgatanga. [ GPS UB-0034-2725]

    Tel. No.:-

    E-mail:bolgamunicipal @gmail.com

    Bongo District Office – Bongo

    Location:In the old Vertinary Service Office inside the premises of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture. ( MOFA) to the District Assembly Block, Bongo.

    Address:P.O.Box 1, Bongo. [ GPS UO-0003-8587]

    Tel. No.:-


    Builsa North District Office – Sandema

    Location:In the old National Health Insurance Block by the Sandema Durbar Ground, Sandema

    Address:P.O.Box 3, Sandema. [ GPS UR-0000-9652]

    Tel. No.:-


    Builsa South District Office – Fumbisi

    Location:Rented Premise in the NADMO Office building, Fumbisi.

    Address:P.O.Box 3 Fumbisi. [ GPS US-0002-5806]

    Tel. No.:-


    Garu District Office – Garu

    Location:In the Community Centre opposite BAC, Garu.

    Address:P.O.Box 1, Garu, [ GPS UG-0000-2857]

    Tel. No.:-


    Kassena-Nankana Municipal Office – Navrongo

    Location:Rooms 33-25 on the 2nd floor of the Treasury Block next to SCBC Office, Navrongo.

    Address:P.O.Box 1, Navrongo. [ GPS UK-0000-4171]

    Tel. No.:-


    Kassena-Nankana West District Office – Paga

    Location:In the premises of the Old Nara Bank or Electoral Commission Hill top, Paga.

    Address:P.O.Box 1, Pag. [ GPS UL-0069-0234]

    Tel. No.:-


    Nabdam District Office – Nangodi

    Location:Opposite EC Office in the Nabdam District Assembly Old block, Nangodi.

    Address:P.O.Box 649, Nangodi. [ GPS UN-0002-2403]

    Tel. No.:-


    Pusiga District Office – Pusiga

    Location:In a rented premise adjacent the District Assebly Block, Pusiga.

    Address:C/o P.O.Box 1, Pusiga. [ GPS UP-0000-1536]

    Tel. No.:-


    Tanlensi District Office – Tongo

    Location:In the Community Center adjacent to the NSS Office, Tongo.

    Address:P.O.Box 15, Tongo. [ GPS UT-0005-4042]

    Tel. No.:-


    Tempane District Office – Tempane



    Tel. No.:-


  • Upper West Region

    Upper West Regional Office - Wa

    Location:First floor of the Wa Ministries Block ‘B’ Opposite Block ‘C’ ( Wa Municipal Assembly premises), Wa.

    Address:P.O.Box 292, Wa. [ GPS XW-0007-9458]

    Tel. No.:-


    Daffiama-Bussie-Issa District Office – Issa

    Location:In the Issa Primary School Block, Issa.

    Address:P.O.Box 2, Issa. [ GPS XD-0025-8936]

    Tel. No.:0209021568

    E-mail:nccedbiwagh@gmail.com; dbinccewagh@yahoo.com

    Jirapa Municipal Office – Jirapa

    Location:Room 5 of the Municipal Assembly Complex, Jirapa

    Address:P.O.Box 1, Jirapa. [GPS XJ-0021-1122]

    Tel. No.:-


    Lambussie District Office – Lambussie

    Location:Ground floor of the New District Assembly Complex next to NBSSI Office, Lambussie.

    Address:P.O.Box 33, Lambussie. [ GPS XK-0001-0661]

    Tel. No.:-


    Lawra Municipal Office – Lawa

    Location:In the Old Municipal Assembly Complex Opposite NSS, Lawra.

    Address:P.O.Box 1, Lawra. [GPS XL-0002-7418]

    Tel. No.:-


    Nadowli- Kaleo District Office – Nadowli

    Location:In the premises of the Nadowli Area Council next to Ghana Fire Service Office, Nadowli

    Address:P.O.Box 17, Nandowli. [GPS XO-0000-5726]

    Tel. No.:-


    Nandom District Office – Nandom

    Location:In the District Assembly Workers Quarters close to Nandom SHS, Nandom.

    Address:C/o P.O.Box 56, Nandom. [GPS XN-0107-7171]

    Tel. No.:-


    Sissala East Municipal Office – Tumu

    Location:In the Municipal Hospital Building behind the X-RAY Department, Tumu.

    Address:P.O.Box 64, Tumu.[GPS XS-0004-5558]

    Tel. No.:-


    Sissala West District Office – Gwollu

    Location:Sissala West District Assembly Building next to the BAC Office, Gwollu.

    Address:C/o P.O.Box 99, Gwollu. [ GPS XT-0043-4577]

    Tel. No.:-

    E-mail:ncceswdy@yahoo.com; nccegwollu@gmail.com

    Wa Municipal Office – Wa

    Location:First floor of the Ministris Block ‘B’ opposite block ‘c’ ( Wa Municipal Assembly premises), Wa

    Address:C/o P.O.Box 292, Wa. [ GPS XX-00015-4409]

    Tel. No.:-


    Wa East District Office – Funsi

    Location:In the premises of the Ghana Fire Serice, opposite St. John Clinic, Funsi

    Address:P.O.Box 1, Funsi. [ GPS XW-0007-9458]

    Tel. No.:-


    Wa West District Office – Wechiau

    Location:In the Old District Assembly Block next to Non Formal Education Division Office( NFED), Wechiau.

    Address:C/o P.O.Box, 648, Wechaiu.

    Tel. No.:-


  • Volta Region

    Volta Regional Office – Ho

    Location:NCCE Building within the Volta Regional Cordinating Council Yard, Opposite Password Office / Ghana Immigration Office, Ho.

    Address:P.O.Box PH 618, Ho. [GPS VH-0003-9142]

    Tel. No.:0362026706


    Adaklu District Office – Adaklu Waya

    Location:Adaklu District Assembly Premises ( Assembly Hall) next to Non formal Educational Division Office ( NFED) Adaku Waya.

    Address:P.O.Box PH 1483, Adaklu Waya. [ GPS VA-0146-6033]

    Tel. No.:-


    Afadzato South District Office – Ve Golokwati

    Location:In the Old District Assembly Premises, Ve Golokwati

    Address:P.O.Box 645, Golokwati. [ GPS VF-0003-1794]

    Tel. No.:-


    Agortime Ziope Distict Office – Kpetoe

    Location:Old Assembly Block Next to the Environment Office, Kpetoe.

    Address:C/o P.O.Box ke 47, Kpetoe. [GPS VG-0021-8739]

    Tel. No.:-


    Akatsi North District Office – Ave Dakpa

    Location:In the new District Assembly Complex next Non Formal Education Office, Ave Dakpa.

    Address:P.O.Box 19, Ave Dakpa. [ GPS VW-0034-9997]

    Tel. No.:-


    Akatsi South District Office – Akatsi

    Location:In the Old Health Centre, opposite Akatsi GES Office, Akatsi.

    Address:P.O.Box AK 133, Akatsi. [ GPS VX-0000-7613]

    Tel. No.:-

    E-mail:ncceakatsi@yahoo.com’; ncceakatsisouth@gmail.com

    Biakoye District Office – Nkonay Ahenkro

    Location:Area Council Block, behind the Nkonya Traditional Council, Nkonya Ahenkro.

    Address:P.O.Box 12, Nkronya Ahenkro. [ GPS VB-0000-7865]

    Tel. No.:-


    Central Tongu District Office – Adidome

    Location:Old District Assembly Premises, adjacent GHS Office, Adidome.

    Address:P.O.Box 19, Adidome. [GPS VV-0133-0595]

    Tel. No.:-


    Ho Municipal Office – Ho

    Location:NCCE Building within the Volta Regional Cordianting Council Yard, opposite passport Office / Ghana Immigration Office, Ho.

    Address:P.O.box HP 590,Ho. [GPS VH-0003-9142]

    Tel. No.:-


    Ho West District Office – Dzolokpuita

    Location:In the New District Assembly Complex, Next the Non-formal Education Office, Dzolokpuita.

    Address:C/o P.O.Box 2, Dzolokpuita. [GPS VI-0000-4031]

    Tel. No.:-


    Hohoe Municipal Office – Hohoe

    Location:First Floor of a rented Building at Barclays-Zongo Street, opposite Alexo Arts, Agordome Zongo, Hohoe.

    Address:P.O.Box 534, Hohoe.[ GPS VC-0002-6278]

    Tel. No.:-


    Jasikan District Office – Jasikan

    Location:Jasikan District Assembly Premises opposite NSS (Vodada Road), Jasikan.

    Address:C/o P.O.Box 20, Jasikan. [ GPS VJ-0001-4182]

    Tel. No.:-


    Kadjebi District Office – Kadjebi

    Location:In the District Assembly premises opposite World Vision, Kadjebi.

    Address:C/o P.O.Box 50, Kadjebi. [GPS VM-0000-4975]

    Tel. No.:-


    Keta Municipal Office Keta

    Location:PWD Premises Adjecent Ghana Highways Authority, Keta.

    Address:P.O.Box WT 227, Keta. [ GPS VK-0055-5496]

    Tel. No.:-


    Ketu North Municpal Office – Dzodze

    Location:Penyi Area Council Premises, Dzodze-Penyi

    Address:P.O.Box 1, Penyi. [GPS VY-0467-4822]

    Tel. No.:-


    Ketu South Municipal Office – Denu

    Location:Behind National Health Insurance Office , Old District Assembly premises, Denu.

    Address:P.O.BOX DE 144, Denu. [ GPS VZ-0008-5082]

    Tel. No.:-


    Kpando Municpal Office – Kpando

    Location:Social Welfare Premises next to the Dept. of Labour and Co-operatives and near Ministry of Food and Agricuture ( MOFA) , Kpando.

    Address:P.O.Box 128, Kpanda. [ GPS VP-0017-3341)

    Tel. No.:-


    Krachi East Municipal Office – Dambai

    Location:In the Old District Assembly Premises next to the NBSSI/Rural Enterprise Office, Dambai

    Address:P.O.Box 1, Dambai. [ GPS VR-0017-6928]

    Tel. No.:-


    Krachci Ntsumuru District Office – Chinderi

    Location:In the District Assembly Hall next to Electoral Commssion Office, Chinderi.

    Address:C/o P.O.Box 79, Chinderi. [ GPS VQ-0004-8763]

    Tel. No.:-


    Krachi West District Office – Kete-Krachi

    Location:In the District Assembly building next to the GES Office, Kete- Krachi.

    Address:P.O.Box 7, Kete Krachi. [GPS VS-0001-7671]

    Tel. No.:-


    Nkwanta North District Office – Kpassa

    Location:In the Ghana Education Serive Building, Opposite the District Assembly Block, Kpassa.

    Address:P.O.Box 1, Kpassa. [ GPS VN-0028-9503]

    Tel. No.:-


    Nkwanta South Municipal Office – Nkwanta

    Location:In the Municipal Assembly premises opposte Forestry Commssion Office, Nkwanta.

    Address:P.O.Box 80, Nkwanta. [GPS VO-00006-5329]

    Tel. No.:-


    North Dayi District Office – Anfoego

    Location:Room 2 in the old District Assembly premises next to GRA Office,Anfoega.

    Address:C/o P.O.Box 37, Anfoega. [ GPS VD-0013-1188]

    Tel. No.:-


    North Tongu District Office – Battor Dugame

    Location:Room 13,14, Old District assembly Block next to NADMO Office, Battor Dugame.

    Address:P.O.Box 15, Battor Dugame. [GPS VT-0069-2744]

    Tel. No.:-


    South Dayi District Office – Kpeve

    Location:Behind ADB Bank in the District Assembly Premises, Kpeve.

    Address:P.O.Box 1, Kpeve. [ GPS VE-0007-0436]

    Tel. No.:-


    South Tongu District Office – Sogakope

    Location:NCCE Building, behind the Ghana Commercial Bank, Sogakope.

    Address:NCCE, P.O.Box SK 75, Sogokope. [GPS VU-0006-1293]

    Tel. No.:0206890771


  • Western Region

    Western Regional Offfice – Sekondi

    Location:On the 3rd floor of the Western Regional Co-ordinating Building, Sekondi.

    Address:P.O.Box 304, Sekondi. [ GPS WS-001-0215]

    Tel. No.:-


    Ahanta West Municipal Office – Agona Nkwanta

    Location:Located within the Municipal Assembly Adjacent NADMO Office,Agona Nkwanta

    Address:P.O.Box 22, Agona Nkwanta. [GPS WH-0002-5575]

    Tel. No.:-


    Aowin Municipal Office – Enchi

    Location:Awoin Municipal Assembly opposite the Municipal Court, Enchi.

    Address:P.O.Box 32, Enchi. [GPS WA-0020-0223]

    Tel. No.:-


    Bia East District Office - Adabokrom

    Location:In the old District Assembly Complex, Adabokrom

    Address:PMB, Bia East, Adabokrom. [ GPS WC-0020-0223]

    Tel. No.:-

    E-mail:baieastncce@gmail.com; biaeastnccegh.org

    Bia West District – Essam – Dabieso

    Location:In the Assembly ‘ Annex’ near the new Assembly Complex, Essan-Debieso.

    Address:Private Mail Bag, Essan-Debieso. [GPS WD-0144-5863]

    Tel. No.:-


    Bibiani-Anhwiaso Municipal Office – Bibiani

    Location:In the Old Municipal Assembly premises, Next to EC Office, Bibiani.

    Address:P.O.Box 49, Bibiani. [ GPS WB-0000-9863]

    Tel. No.:-


    Bodi District Office – Bodi

    Location:In the District Assembly premises, Bodi

    Address:C/o Bodi District Assembly, PMB, Bodi. [ GPS WO-0030-8251]

    Tel. No.:-


    Effia-Kwesimintsim Municipal Office – Kwesimintsim

    Location:Within the Municipal Assembly Block, Kwesimintsim.

    Address:[GPS WS-240-2165]

    Tel. No.:-


    Ellembella District – Nkroful

    Location:Ground floor of the District Assembly Building used by NCCE and Decentralised Departments, the top Floor of which is the MP’s Office, Nkroful.

    Address:P.O.Box 34, Nkroful. [ GPS WE-0000-5359]

    Tel. No.:-


    Jomoro Municipal Office – Half – Assini.

    Location:In the old Municpal Assembly Building, Half-Assini

    Address:P.O.Box 72,Half – Assini. [ GPS WJ-0005-1520]

    Tel. No.:-


    Juaboso District Office – Juaboso

    Location:In the old Dsitrict Assembly Block adjacent to the District Magistrate Court, Juaboso.

    Address: P.O.Box 4, Juaboso. [GPS WQ-0006-2727]

    Tel. No.:-


    Mpohor District Office – Mpohor

    Location:Within the Ghana Educatioin Service Block next to the Center for Culture, Mpohor.

    Address:P.O.Box 50 ,Takordi. [ GPS WM-0021-1021]

    Tel. No.:-


    Nzema East Municipal Office – Axim

    Location:Second floor of the Old Assembly Building, next to the National Service Scheme Office (NSS), Axim

    Address:C/o Nzema East Municipal Assembly, P.O.Box 25, Axim[GPS WN-0006-0960]

    Tel. No.:-


    Prestea-Huni Valley Municipal Office - Bogoso

    Location:First floor Bogoso Municipal Assembly, opposite the Municipal Finance Office, Bogoso.

    Address:P.O.Box 26, Bogoso. [GPS WP-0076-7030]

    Tel. No.:-


    Sefwi Akontombra District Office – Sefwi Akontombra

    Location:Opposite the main GPRTU of TUC Lorry Park, Sefwi Akontombra

    Address:PMB, Sefwi Akontombra. [GPS WF-0003-8806]

    Tel. No.:-


    Sefwi Wiawso Municipal Office – Sefwi Waiso.

    Location:Behind the GHS Building, next to NFED Office, Sefwi Wiaso

    Address:P.O.Box 25, Sefwi Waiso. [ GPS WG-0012-0729]

    Tel. No.:-


    Sekondi – Takoradi Metropolita Office – Sekondi

    Location:Room 59, Metropolitan Assembly

    Address:P.O.Box 74, Sekondi. [ GPS WG-000-08681]

    Tel. No.:0302905022


    Essikado-Ketan Sub-Metropolitan Office – Essikado-Ketan

    Location:Essikado-Ketan Sub-Metropolitan Office – Essikado-Ketan

    Address:P.O.Box 74, Sekondi

    Tel. No.:-


    Takoradi Sub-Metropolitan Office – Takoradi

    Location:In the Takoradi Sub-Metropolitan Assembly premises adjacent to the Zenith Bank, Takoradi.

    Address:P.O.Box 74, Sekondi.

    Tel. No.:-


    Shama District Office – Shama

    Location:In the former Ghana Education Service Building which is within the District Assembly premises, Shama.

    Address:P.O.Box 37, Shama. [ GPS WR-003-8496]

    Tel. No.:0243156209


    Suaman District Office – Dadieso

    Location:In the Suaman District Assembly block, Dadieso.

    Address:P.O.Box 23, Suaman. [ GPS WH- 001-2398]

    Tel. No.:-


    Tarkwa-Nsuaem Municipal Office – Tarkwa

    Location:Within Municipal Assembly Annex, adjacent to the to the GRA Office, Tarkwa.

    Address:P.O.Box 487, Tarkwa. [ GPS WT-0005-1537]

    Tel. No.:-


    Wassa Amenfi Central District Office – Manso Amenfi

    Location:Within the Manso Amenfri Market Stores, opposite the Church of Pentecost, Manso Amenfi.

    Address:C/o Wassa Amenfi Central District Assembly, P.O.Box 111, Manso Amenfi [ GPS WH-0008-3386]

    Tel. No.:-


    Wassa Amenfi East Municipal Office – Wassa Akropong

    Location: In the Old District Assembly Building, Next to GHS Office, Wassa Akropong.

    Address:P.O.Box 83, Wassa Akropong. [ GPS WX-0001-8715]

    Tel. No.:-


    Wassa Amenfi West Municpal Office – Asankragwa

    Location:Behind the main Municipal Assembly block next to GHS Office, Asankrangwa.

    Address:P.O.Box 50, Asankrangwa. [GPS WY-0016-6339]

    Tel. No.:-


    Wassa East District Office – Daboase

    Location: Opposite Lower Pra Rural Bank, Daboase.

    Address:P.O.Box 100, Daboase. [ GPS WZ-0000-7647]

    Tel. No.:-


  • Western North Region
  • Savannah Region
  • North East Region
  • Bono Region
  • Ahafo Region
  • Bono East Region
  • Oti Region