Tue, Nov



A six - member committee tasked to ensure strict audit management practice for effective financial and operational controls at NCCE has been inaugurated. The members are made up of representatives from the Internal Audit Agency, Institute of Chartered Accountants and the National Cimmission for Civic Education. Deputy Chairman, Finance and Administration , Ms. Kathy Addy and Commission Member, Mrs. Abena Anyidoho  are members of the Committee.

At the inauguration ceremony, Chairman of NCCE, Ms. Josephine Nkrumah, said "NCCE  hitherto had established and operated under the Audit Review Implementation Committee. However, the new Public Financial Management Act, 2016 (Act 921) which sets a rigorous framework on financial governance of public institutions enjoins NCCE to establish an Audit Committee per section 86 whilst section 87 lays down the composition of the Committee”. She said it is in connection with the above Act, that the Commission inaugurates its Internal Audit Committee in accordance with the guidelines for effective functioning of Audit Committees. She mentioned that the essence of audit in the public sector cannot  be underscored to ensure that both national and institutional goals are accomplished. Ms. Nkrumah explained that audit inures to the benefit of the public sector by promoting the entity’s credibility, establish equitable provision of services and assure appropriate behavior of government officials, thus reducing the risk of public corruption. She mentioned that the NCCE with support from the European Union is undertaking an aggressive Anti-corruption, Public Accountability and Environmental Governance campaign with the objective of minimizing corruption and enhancing public accountability. She charged members of the committee to be objective, transparent and fair in their operations.

Representative from the Office of the Acting Director of the Internal Audit Agency (IAA), Mr. Nathan Yankey,  said an Audit Committee in the governance and financial management within the NCCE is crucial and requires the support of management and all key stakeholders in order to execute its statutory mandate. He outlined the work of the Committee saying, members must facilitate, support, persuade and advise management to ensure that transactions, actions and financial activities of the Commission are carried out in accordance with the relevant laws, policies and guidelines. The inauguration was attended by management and staff of the NCCE in Accra.