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The Commission is constitutionally mandated to develop programmes that are aimed at realizing the objectives of the Constitution at national, regional and district levels. The Commission’s programmes are therefore aimed at creating and sustaining awareness of the principles and objectives of the 1992 Constitution as the fundamental law of Ghana, within the Ghanaian society, as well as the creating awareness among the citizenry of their civic rights and responsibilities.

Below is a selected list of past and present programmes of the NCCE:

  • Annual Constitution Week
  • Social Auditing programmes
  • Roundtable Discussions on Democracy and Constitutional matters with stakeholders
  • Ghana Constitution Games competitions for schools
  • Community Durbars & Theatre
  • Political Party Youth Activists Forum
  • Inter-Party Dialogue Committee for political parties
  • Civic & Democracy Education
  • Public engagements and discussions on topical issues
  • Civic Education Clubs in senior secondary schools and tertiary institutions
  • Community Civic education programmes on TV, radio and mobile cinema vans
  • Project Citizen Showcases
  • Community Outreach